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Christian Medical College benefits from CST equipment

Christian Medical College benefits from CST equipment


Vellore: To meet its power requirements and also to contribute in the fight against global warming, the Christian Medical College (CMC) here has shifted to cleaner source of energy for its daily operations which also led to substantial savings. It has an installed 214KW capacity in renewable energy through concentrated solar systems.

Since the first solar plant in 2013, the medical college had generated a total of 6,58,182 units, which translates into savings to the tune of Rs 50.41 lakh on energy bills. A solar thermal concentrator used to preheat the boiler feed water has helped save 16,467 litres of furnace oil, which translates to Rs 7.25 lakh saved on furnace oil purchase.

The installation of CST system at CMC, Vellore had so far translated into saving to tune of over Rs 57 lakhs till date. The CST being a renewable energy solution also helps the Medical College go green by reducing the carbon footprint it generates along with other direct benefits.

The system only requires minimal maintenance and management, which also reduces the load on resources freeing them to be engaged in other more productive activities. Apart from tangible gains through savings on cost of fossil fuels, installing CST equipment helps in combating global warming by cutting down the use of fossil fuels and therefore compliments the missions focus on social service as well.

It is a cost effective and a sustainable source of clean energy. The technology is ideal for organisations that are concerned about the rising cost of fuel on one hand and degrading ecological balance of the planet on the other. Further details can be had on www.mnre.gov.in or call toll-free 18002334477.

Source: thehansindia
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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