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Consul Neowattsupports Government’s Rural Digital Literacy Buseswith 5 KW Sunbird Solar Inverters

Consul Neowattsupports Government’s Rural Digital Literacy Buseswith 5 KW Sunbird Solar Inverters


A strong votary of the Digital Inclusion program, Consul Neowatt, (India’s power electronics major), has supplied its much acclaimed Sunbirdsolar inverters to facilitate the government’s mobile computer lab buses specially designed to impart computer literacy among the villagers.These mobile knowledge buses are well-appointed with 15-20 desktop computers connected to the internet and are fitted with rooftop solar PV modules and battery based solar inverters to be self sufficient for uninterrupted electricity supply. These solar powered knowledge buses would be plying across rural areas to help villagers get a hands-on computer learning experience.

These buses are currently being rolled out in rural areas of states like Jharkhand. As these areas face frequent power shortage, ConsulNeowatt’s Sunbird solar inverters have been chosen for their ruggedness and performance. Around 50 buses are expected to be rolled out in the 1st phase and Consul Neowatthas already supplied 3 units for the pilot project.

Talking about ConsulNeowatt’s participation in the program, Mr. Sriram Ramakrishnan, CEO & MD, Consul Neowatt Power Solutions Pvt Ltd said, “While the goal is to bring digital literacy to rural India, we also recognized the need to provide green learning labs which are self sufficient. Our Sunbird solar inverters make this mobile education initiative “green” reducing emissions while also being suitable for areas with little access to power supply, where the buses are stationed. We are very proud to be part of this initiative and strongly believe people are the building blocks of a nation and empowering them with advanced education is a surefire way to economic progress.”

Today, ConsulNeowatt’s 1-250 KW Sunbird Solar Inverters are the preferred choice of solar system integrators and are playing a critical role in enabling the PM’s vision for Rural Electrification under DeendayalUpadhyaya Gram JyotiYojana Scheme. ConsulNeowatt offers a range of Off-grid, On-grid and Hybrid inverters upto 250 kVA. Consul Neowatt UPS and solar inverter products are also providing uninterrupted power supply for many Smart City projects. Consul Neowattis currently pushing for aggressive growth in the North and the West of the country and is also eyeing South Asia, Middle East and Africa regions for its overseas expansion. With strong designing and manufacturing capabilities, the company has already made ambitious inroads into various government projects focused on Smart Cities, Make-In-India and Metro Rail. The company’s products are present in the RBI data centers and 1 out of 5 ATMs in the country is powered by Consul.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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