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Contract Signing between HALO and Growatt

Contract Signing between HALO and Growatt


Shenzhen, China – Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., a global manufacturer of high efficiency solar inverters and energy storage systems, is delighted to announce a partnership with HALO Clean Tech Ltd, for the provision of 10,000 residential battery energy storage systems in the UK.

Growatt has established a framework for developing the UK market over the past two years, since the significant reduction in subsidies in the UK in 2016, and is one of the first manufacturers to introduce residential battery energy storage systems there. Since the first phase of installations last year, the company has launched more powerful second generation energy storage systems. Growatt’s energy storage products have quickly established themselves in the UK market and have become the first choice for many installers. Growatt has so far trained over 100 British installers and more than 10,000 energy storage systems have already been installed across the country. With many years of technical experience in solar inverters and smart home energy, Growatt, with its one-stop service, is perfectly positioned to meet the ever growing household demand for clean energy.

The contract signing was held at Growatt’s corporate headquarters. Present at the ceremony were Simon Peat and Steve Wallace of HALO’s senior management and Frank Qiao and Scott Feng, overseas sales director and GM of Growatt UK respectively.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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