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Dallas-Ft. Worth Welcomes New Solar Powered Advertising Media

Dallas-Ft. Worth Welcomes New Solar Powered Advertising Media


Point of Sale Outdoor Media, LLC has entered the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex with 10 installations of its advertising signs in front of retail stores in Hurst, a heavily-populated suburb north west of Ft. Worth. Point of Sale Outdoor Media (POSO) identifies optimal retail centers to install their premium-quality LED-lit advertising signs. In 2013 and 2014, POSO secured placements in Houston, the nation’s 10th largest media market, as well as in San Antonio. Adding north Texas to their inventory of available media will allow advertisers to impact shoppers in the most desirable Texas markets.

“Opening inventory in the DFW area, the fifth largest media market in America, brings us closer to our goal of dominating in the top 10 DMA’s,” says Raymond Rodriguez, POSO Media Founder and President, “so we were delighted by the Hurst City Council’s quick approval of our units. It’s clear to me that they understand the need of communities to support their retail.”  “We are continuing to bring our media to where advertisers need it most: the place where shoppers make purchase decisions,” he continued. POSO’s high-quality, solar-powered signs offer advertisers an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space their prospects will see right before they enter a retail store. Combining attractive signs, meticulously selected locations, and a user-friendly website for advertisers, POSO has created a one-stop media shop.

POSO recently signed a nationally recognized healthcare brand to repeat a successful advertising campaign originally launched in November 2014. This campaign encourages shoppers to sign up or upgrade their health care plans at in-store enrollment kiosks.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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