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Delegation in city to promote use of solar energy

Delegation in city to promote use of solar energy


A delegation comprising around 60 solar energy enthusiasts who visited the city over the weekend, said an international level symposium may soon be hosted in Indore.
The delegation studied the practical utilities and workings of solar energy plants at Barli Institute here Sunday and at Sanawadia village on Saturday.

They came to the city as an extended part of an international conference held in Goraj Gujarat over the past week.

“I was in Indore three years ago with my husband and I was quite impressed with the way solar energy was being utilized for everyday tasks. Based on this, I felt that scholars and researchers around the world need to know how theories can practically materialise,” Julie Greene, executive director of Solar Cookers International, said.

The delegation had also tucked in on food that had been cooked using solar energy. They interacted with local residents at the institute who were being trained in using solar cookers and other equipment. Deepak Gadiya, head trustee at the ashram in Gujarat, also offered to provide some devices to further improvise on the solar cookers being used.

“At present, we are using a mechanical device to detect the direction of sunrays for the solar cooker. Gadiya offered to give us a device which runs on solar energy and could be used to detect the sun’s location,” said Yogesh Jadhav, chief operating officer at the institute.

While interacting with students at the institute, other speakers from Uganda, the US and India spoke about relating sustainable energy to other issues of society like eradicating violence, helping those with physical disabilities and generating employment for the poor.

The talk also included other topics like organic farming and its advantages as well as implementing the use of solar energy plants in every household through manufacturers, businessmen, common people and marketing agencies.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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