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  8. District Magistrate In UP Uses Solar Power To Light The Dreams Of Girl Students
District Magistrate In UP Uses Solar Power To Light The Dreams Of Girl Students

District Magistrate In UP Uses Solar Power To Light The Dreams Of Girl Students


Pulkit Khare, a 2010 batch IAS officer believes that education is empowering and is useful in bringing about a change. He was recently transferred to UP as District Magistrate of Hardoi, one of the most backward districts of Uttar Pradesh. Khare has taken up several initiatives towards the welfare of the base of the pyramid – his major focus being empowerment, affordable health care facilities and quality education. He says “empower a mind today and he will empower the whole community tomorrow.”

On a routine inspection of a Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) situated at Kachauna block in the district, the magistrate took steps to bring light to the study tables of the young minds – light that is sustainable and that will help enlighten the students’ minds and empower their lives.

In a candid conversation with students during the inspection, Khare was moved by the problem cited by a student of that residential school. Khushbu told him that the girls are forced to give up on studies daily after dark due to frequent power cuts which are creating barriers to their dreams.

Khare was moved by the appeal of the girl student as her desire to study and excel in her field was impeded by the unavailability of regular power supply at the schools. Taking this up on a priority basis, the District Magistrate discussed the issue with his team at the district and came up with a solution.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the District Magistrate in a resource constrained scenario, support poured in from different people across the district.

To celebrate this Independence Day and to bring freedom from interruption in studies for Khushbu and the 1,833 other girls like her across 20 residential schools (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas) of Hardoi, the district administration has gifted solar lamps to each of the girl children – a small step towards igniting the young minds of the country.

Young minds illuminated with the light of knowledge will be the most powerful tool for a developed nation. Knowledge will remove darkness of social evils and create an environment of learning and growth,” says Khare.

Isnpired by the quick and concerning move of the District Magistrate and his team, Khushbu and other girls promised him better results in their upcoming exams with beaming smiles on their faces and dreams of achieving great heights in their eyes.

A little thoughtful intervention has removed a big hurdle for these girls in pursuing their dreams. Illumination of their study tables and freedom to choose their study hours empowers them to shine brighter and showcase their talents now. This is a step which gives a definitive push to the dictum of ‘beti padhao’ for girls of KGBV Hardoi.

Source: youthkiawaaz

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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