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Dr AK Jain Wins Business Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement

Dr AK Jain Wins Business Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement


EQ organized the India Solar Awards 2020-21 on May 26 through virtual mode for the solar industry of India. Dr Akhilesh Kumar Jain, Former Managing Director, REIL received the Business Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement at the EQ E-Award Show May 2021.

Powered by EQ, iSearch, the award show was based on the achievements of the year 2020-21.

Dr Jain expressed his gratitude for the award and said, “Today, we all are passing through a difficult phase. Gratitude and appreciations are important. They are critical in testing time while one visualize life, set the goals, remain focused on the journey, try to stay ahead of the time and help, assist or take people around to grow and sustain.

I think, Government of India, MNRE, State governments, PSUs, Corporates, MSME sector and significantly REIL and its team and related stakeholders who came across my phenomenal journey of 38 years of working, trusted and helped me in experimenting with the innovative ideas of applying solar PV to improve livelihood, ensure the right to electricity, shaping their business plans, ensuring disruptions ahead of time in addition to combat challenges of climate change and global warming.

I am happy to share that my ideas and innovative solutions have impacted the lives of four crore Indian citizens, and I feel very much satisfied. In 36 years of my solar journey, I remember the day in 1986, when we installed all the solar street lights in a village of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

When we commissioned this light, the kind of devotion, pleasure and happiness we saw in the villagers changed my life, and I decided to stick with this.

I am happy to share that light is life, and after that, I think more than two million street light systems have been commissioned in the country.” He shared his other experiences and innovative initiatives he was a part of.

Dr Akhilesh Kumar Jain is the Vice Chairman of IDANZ and an Expert on GOI IDEAL MISSION. He is recognized on all platforms and recipient of more than 100 national-level awards.

With 39 years of rich experience, he has served REIL in various capacities and multiple disciples. His dynamic leadership and out-of-box approach resulted in rapid growth three Times Top line and seven times the Bottom line with Geographical reach across the country and the borders.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network