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EIB approves EUR 6.6 billion support for innovation, clean energy and affordable housing

EIB approves EUR 6.6 billion support for innovation, clean energy and affordable housing

  • EUR 2.3 billion to strengthen industrial and corporate competitiveness
  • EUR 1.2 billion for urban rail, maritime and air transport
  • EUR 1 billion for renewable energy

Spanish, Polish and Bulgarian commuters, residents of Warsaw, Vilnius and Turku, and students across France will benefit from new financing by the European Investment Bank.

At their monthly meeting in Luxembourg earlier today the Board of the European Investment Bank (EIB) approved backing for EUR 6.67 billion of sustainable transport, urban development, water, clean energy and private sector investment across Europe and Africa.

“Yesterday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in no uncertain terms that we must accelerate investment to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to a changing climate. The EU Bank has unique experience and a strong track record of supporting climate action projects, from sustainable energy, to transport and urban investment to name but a few areas. The projects we approved today are testimony to our commitment to sustaining and scaling up climate finance, which is essential for the future of this planet”, said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank.

Transport investment to cut journey times and emissions

The EIB supports sustainable transport around the world. Today the EIB Board agreed EUR 1.2 billion of new financing for urban rail, maritime and airport investment. This includes upgrading urban rail in five Spanish cities, the construction of a new metro line in Sofia, improving tram services in Krakow and expansion of key national airport.

Shipping on the Danube and Sava rivers in Serbia will benefit from investment to enhance safe navigation and improve capacity.

Investment to allow larger vessels to use two local ports, expanding cargo and passenger traffic, will improve maritime access to Rome.

Backing private sector investment in innovation and energy efficiency

Companies across Europe and around the world will benefit from EUR 2 billion of new direct financing and support for investment through local partners.

This includes support for automation, robot and digitalisation technology, as well as development of electric and alternative fuel tractors, combines and crop spraying equipment by the world leading agricultural equipment maker AGCO.

The Board also approved financing for agricultural infrastructure in Ukraine, including grain elevators and storage.

New credit lines with local financial partners are going to unlock investment by companies in Spain, Italy, Ireland and South Africa.

The Board further decided support for tourism companies in Austria, climate related investment in Slovakia, and innovation activity by German companies.

Outside Europe the board agreed new EIB support for microfinance across Africa and investment by female entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

Harnessing renewable energy and improving energy infrastructure

The EIB Board approved financing worth EUR 1 billion for new energy investment. This includes backing a 42MW solar project in Poland, two 500MW solar schemes in Morocco and a 420 MW hydropower scheme in Cameroon, as well as a cross-border interconnector between Mali and Guinea and renovation of electricity distribution across Greece.

The projects will significantly increase access to clean energy and reduce dependency on fossil fuel generation.

Tackling water challenges around the world

The EIB is the world’s largest financier of water investment. Today, the Board agreed to back new projects to upgrade wastewater treatment in Egypt’s second city Alexandria and Turku in Finland, as well as upgrading water infrastructure in Italy.

Additionally, it approved financing to reconstruct infrastructure damaged by flooding in the Dominican Republic and strengthen the resilience of existing facilities.

Supporting urban development and social housing

The EIB supports transformational investment in cities across Europe and around the world. New urban investment to reduce energy use by street lighting in Vilnius and energy bills on public and residential buildings across Moldova, improve public services in Turku and support smart investment in the Slovakian city of Nitra was agreed by the Board.

Improving education

Students at schools in seven French regions and Trinity College Dublin will benefit from education investment approved by the board.

The EIB supports investment to improve education, research and teaching. Over the last five years the EIB has provided more than EUR 16 billion for education investment across Europe.

Enhancing access to high-speed internet

Two new projects will transform internet use by expanding fibre to the home connections in Europe and supporting the roll out of fibre optic networks across East Africa.

EUR 5 billion of new investment backed by the Investment Plan for Europe

Financing for 11 projects approved by the EIB board today will be guaranteed by the European Fund for Strategic Investments and are expected to mobilize an estimated EUR 5 billion of total investment.

There were no PPP projects approved by today’s meeting.

EIB investing in sustainable transports

Source: eib.org
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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