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‘Electric mobility is a necessity of our times’

‘Electric mobility is a necessity of our times’


Efficient and eco-friendly public transport can help contain air pollution, says Natpac scientist

The government’s decision to accelerate switch-over to electric mobility is a timely decision which would help the State in containing the rising vehicle pollution, says B.G. Sreedevi, scientist at National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (Natpac), an autonomous research institution under the State government.

“If the vehicle population and the travel pattern of the community and over-dependence on personalised mode of transport continue at the present rate, there will be a high concentration of air pollution and congestion in cities and towns.

Efficient, smooth, hassle-free and environment friendly public transport will go a long way to overcome this,” she points out.

Transport sector is the major consumer of fossil fuels, almost 70% of the fuels consumed by any society.

Similarly, more than 70% of the atmospheric pollution is due to vehicular emission.

Renewable energy
Replacing vehicles powered with fossil fuels, as is being done in developed countries, and harnessing renewable energy alone can ensure sustainable development.

Electric vehicles should become available in large numbers with support infrastructure and appropriate policy framework to make all this happen. There will have to be a dedicated mechanism to make this possible, she says.

Switch-over to e-mobility can be achieved in a phased manner, but the targets and deadlines should be strictly adhered.

Each stakeholder should realise the role they have to play in the whole scheme of things. A lot of re-skilling would also be necessary along with creation of charging and other facilities.

The Transport Department should formulate an action plan listing out each minute detail such as the role of each stakeholder and each milestone that would help Kerala achieve the 2030 total e-mobility target, Dr. Sreedevi says.

Source: thehindu
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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