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Eltek Passes 10,000 Hybrid-Solar Telecom Sites Installed

Eltek Passes 10,000 Hybrid-Solar Telecom Sites Installed


Eltek, the world leader in high efficiency power systems for telecommunications and industrial applications recently announced it has installed more than 10,000 hybrid solar-grid power systems to remote telecom sites since it first launched hybrid-solar products in 2008.

Solar power for telecom sites was once thought of only for off-grid telecom sites, but is now picking up momentum in a wide range of network locations. By using these hybrid solutions, which combine solar backup power and high-efficiency DC power systems, instead of diesel back up systems in the 10,000 locations, service providers have eliminated more than 350,000 tons of C02 from the atmosphere and reduced electricity expenses by more than $150 million.

According to Bertrand Yeurc’h, Eltek Corporate Business Development Manager for Alternative Energy: “This achievement has been possible thanks to Eltek’s high efficiency products and integrated hybrid solutions, combined with a global reach. Eltek has built various strategic partnerships over the years to ensure customer satisfaction and secure significant market share.”

Depending on the equipment configuration and site power requirements, the savings at each site varies significantly, but typically the operational cost is reduced by between 70 percent – 80 percent primarily due to the reduction of diesel consumption by generators and reduced service costs. In addition, a hybrid solution provides a significantly improved reliability and uptime.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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