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Empowering Goan industry through renewable energy

Empowering Goan industry through renewable energy


The GCCI took the lead in renewable energy with the installation of the state’s first 4 kw hybrid, wind-solar project at its Verna premises. The project is unique because it does not involve any permanent foundation for wind turbine tower structure and can be relocated to any other location easily with quick assemble and dissemble systems. The system can be installed in just 24 hrs and can be dissembled at any time depending on the energy need.

Haryana based, Revayu Systems Pvt. Ltd., a startup in green technology installed the system. To educate Goan industry on the advantages of hybrid renewable energy systems, the GCCI organised “Go Green Goa 2018,” an event where the Governor, Mridula Sinha was the chief guest. The Governor lauded Revayu Systems founder Prateek Gupta for bringing green technology to Goa. She said that, although Goa is already very green, environment friendly technology solutions can add value and make the state further green.

“Hybrid systems of wind and solar power are at an advantage since it does not face limitation of day and night and provide power throughout the day,” said Gupta. He said that hybrid systems are self-cleaning and consume one-tenth of the surface area in comparison to solar power and therefore highly suitable to Goa. The hybrid system has a life cycle of 20 years, added Gupta.

Source: navhindtimes.in
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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