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EQ in Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Brijesh Nair, Sr. Project Director at Messe Muenchen

EQ in Exclusive Conversation With Mr. Brijesh Nair, Sr. Project Director at Messe Muenchen


1. Now that we have moved past the virtual meets, what is it that Intersolar has to offer this year?

This is a special year for the whole exhibition and conference Industry. As we prepare to restart business post pandemic, we see a huge interest form the industry and people to connect at physical events and kick-start business as usual. Intersolar this year is more like a restart event, where it termed as Intersolar India Special Edition. However, we also are happy to inform on the contrary the response received has been immense, we have a sold out halls and couple of day of knowledge packed conference.

You can meet all the top manufacturers from India and few international companies, displaying their new range of products ready for the Indian market. About 100+ exhibitors will connect with 400+ top buyers at our buyer seller forum, the most interesting part of this activity is the buyer are announcing a yearlong sourcing requirement and closing deals at this forum. Surpassing our expectation we receiving communications and calls from remote part of the country to visit the show. As the industry is excited, so are we at Messe Muenchen India.

2. What are going to be the key highlights of this well anticipated event?

The key highlights of the event will be the focus we have towards solar manufacturing. We try to align our theme as govt of India is extensively focusing on Atmanirbhar Bharat, as they launch the PLI scheme and huge focus is towards solar Industry. The conference program as well as the buyer seller engagement are going to complement this initiative. In addition, companies like Solex, Pixon, Nyalkaran Solar, Aatmanirbhar Solar are kind of launching at our event, Goldi will be displaying the launch of new range of modules at our show.

Not just this our session on the first and second day focusing on PV manufacturing in India downwards integration as well as Law for solar- waste management, will deliberate on future trends and set a trend for 2022 and beyond for the solar industry. Intersolar India this year is happening alongside IFAT India and drink technology India shows of Messe Muenchen India, bringing upon strong synergy of end users to the show.

3. What measures are being taken to ensure health and safety of the attendees amidst the pandemic?

Messe Muenchen India has and will ensure all possible measure to make the event safe and secure for all attendees of the trade fair. We have listed some of the points which are specially been taken to comply with COVID protocols set by govt of India.

• We are promoting online bookings and digital payments for exhibitors to reduce contact.
• On online registration form, we are asking questions regarding vaccination, to ensure people visiting are all vaccinated and are as per the SOP recommended by Govt. of India for exhibition and conferences.
• We are keeping a track on the most preferred time of visit, as there are timeslots a visitor to ensure the halls and conference are not too packed at any given time or day.
• We will ensure setting up of Health/First-aid kiosk with temperature scanning and hand sanitizer at each entry and exit gates of the halls.
• Halls are ensured to be disinfected before giving possession to exhibitors and attendees.
• Placement of Necessary Signage for Health & Safety around the venue listing of does and don’t at the venue.
• Multiple and separate visitor & exhibitor entry & exit Planned.
• Secluded logistics & material handling entry & exit.

4. What are the prospects of RE growth and development for the year 2022?

Post pandemic industries are opening up and as India grows, the demand for Energy is going to grow as well.
India is globally leading the Energy Transition and intends to continue leading the path. India is home to one of the most ambitious energy transition programs across the globe. With a goal of 175 GW of RE by 2022 and 500 GW by 2030, this decade can be truly called India’s Decade of Energy Transition. Already 39% of our installed capacity is from non-fossil-based sources and by 2022 we will reach 40%. India has already set an example for emerging economies by reaching 100GW of renewables.

5. As organizers what is your message to the guests, panelists and attendees of the conference?

At the outset, we would like to inform the entire stakeholder from the solar industry not to miss this opportunity and use this as a launch pad for the coming 2022 which is going to be a bright year for the solar industry in India. The venue will conduct all associated programs following COVID protocol and all measure are being taken to ensure safety of people attending.

The world is changing, as never before, intense monsoons, cyclones, ravaging forest fires are all happening due to climate change, now ignoring this will be the biggest mistake humanity could do. At Intersolar we have the philosophy to change this and reduce the carbon footprint, top notch solar companies are coming together at Intersolar India 2021, 2 – 4 Dec @ Hall 11 – 12 Helipad Grounds, Gandhinagar, Gujarat to make this happen and offer cost effective solar solution for energy demanding and growing India. Come join us for the initiative: Save Energy / Save Cost / Turn to Solar.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network