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EV roundup: MFG, Bonnet, LondonMetric and Rolec to boost UK’s chargepoint network – EQ Mag

EV roundup: MFG, Bonnet, LondonMetric and Rolec to boost UK’s chargepoint network – EQ Mag


MFG EV to invest £50 million to expand EV charging network in 2023.

Forecourt operator Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has announced its intention to invest upwards of £50 million to bolster EV charging around the UK in 2023 as part of a £400 million investment package by 2030.

The organisation will aim to build on a successful 2022 which saw 271 ultra-rapid EV chargers installed across its network, 31 EV charging hubs deployed with a further 175 chargers in construction.

2023 will see the firm add to this growing portfolio by providing a further 360 ultra-rapid EV chargers. Alongside this, MFG will add to the 54 charging hubs it currently has in operation by constructing more across 2023. 12 of these already started construction in January.

The MFG hubs consist of up to eight ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers at each designated site. This is crucial for maintaining faster charging times for EV drivers in the UK and could contribute further to the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

The chargers are capable of adding 100 miles range in around 10 minutes further simplifying the need to charge an EV. As technology advances, the 150kW will be replaced with 300kW+ chargers to boost faster charging times across the UK.

In late December 2022, MFG was voted joint winner of Zap-Map’s survey of EV drivers in the UK, which received responses from a record 4,300 Zap-Map users. The firm came out top of the rankings, alongside Fastend, based on driver satisfaction, with InstaVolt following in third.

“We were proud to continue our significant investment into the UK’s EV infrastructure throughout 2022, opening a record number of EV hubs across our network. Our ambition was to invest ahead of the curve, and give drivers who were contemplating purchasing an electric vehicle the confidence that they could travel as easily as with a petrol or hybrid vehicle,” said William Bannister, CEO of MFG.

“Although we have a way to go to achieve this, our investment in 2022 has set us on a positive trajectory. We have set ourselves another ambitious target for openings in 2023, with the plan to energise 360 chargers whilst delivering the best experience possible for our customers.”

Bonnet EV app users set to gain access to additional 2,000 chargers via new partnership.

Independent electric vehicle charging aggregator Bonnet has signed a partnership with FM Conway to provide access to the SureCharge EV charging network via the Bonnet charging app.

FM Conway currently operates over 2,000 chargers and thus adds to Bonnet’s expertise and growing portfolio of EV chargers on its app. The network has a range of EV chargers with the majority being 5.5kWh lampposts alongside the firm’s rapid chargers which offer up to 150kWh.

SureCharge was established in 2021 and since its inception, the majority of its chargers have been developed in and around London.

Via this partnership, Bonnet now has access to 25 networks and over 150,000 devices spanning the whole of the UK and Europe. This growing portfolio will help bolster efforts to increase EV uptake by reducing the number of apps required to access many charging networks across the UK.

This builds on a similar agreement signed with MFG EV Power in late December. This saw MFG EV Power allow its customers access to 264 fast 150kW connections via the Bonnet EV charging app.

“We are very excited to start the new year by adding the SureCharge network to Bonnet as it continues to rapidly grow in the UK,” said Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet.

“SureCharge from FM Conway is a natural partner for Bonnet as we both share the same mission to deliver an accessible and reliable charging experience for all drivers, wherever they are using rapid devices or on-street lampposts.

“We look forward to working with FM Conway and their SureCharge network, and all our network partners as more and more people make the switch to EVs in 2023.”

LondonMetric plans EV integration at ‘desirable’ real estate locations with InstaVolt

Real estate company LondonMetric announced a new partnership with InstaVolt to install a number of rapid EV chargers at a number of “desirable” real estate locations in the UK.

According to the two companies, the first 10 locations have already been selected with construction set to be completed in the coming months. In the initial stage of the partnership, LondonMetric confirmed that an average of six rapid chargers will be deployed at each location with charging speeds of up to 160kW.

This be a crucial development to enrich the UK’s EV charging capabilities. By presenting further opportunities to develop “destination chargers” it could bolster the number of chargers available to drivers in areas that currently see increase flows of drivers.

The installation of the EV chargers will additionally be in line with PAS1899 BSI standards, which aims to boost EV charging for those with accessibility needs. This covers a range of factors including the physical aspects of the environment surrounding fixed chargepoints, the location as well as the placement and spacing of charge points on a street the information.

“I’m delighted to be working with InstaVolt as part of our strategy to increase electric vehicle chargers across our portfolio. The InstaVolt brand is well known for its reliability and ease of use, both of which are critical to customers looking for rapid charging,” said Andrew Jones, CEO of LondonMetric.

InstaVolt recently added eight 150kW Alpitronic chargers to its eight 125kW chargepoints in Stroud Park, Banbury and announced plans for an additional 16 to be installed in the coming weeks. The charging hub also received a number of upgrades including additional lighting, wider success spaces and two larger spaces to accommodate the increasing number of electric vans and fleets.

“InstaVolt’s partnership with LondonMetric will provide significant deployment of chargers at key locations across the UK. Our focus is not only to provide volume of infrastructure but also to incorporate our new charging station designs to make EV charging accessible for all drivers. This is a fantastic partnership that will benefit all,” said Antony Urquhart, chief commercial officer of InstaVolt.

Rolec EV, Monta announces intention to build 20,000 EV chargepoints across the UK

Rolec EV, a UK manufacturer of EV chargepoints, has signed a new partnership with Monta to deliver more than 20,000 EV chargepoints across the UK in 2023.

The partnership aims to help the UK decarbonise its transportation networks. By providing sufficient EV chargepoints in key locations, more drivers will be inclined to transition to all-electric vehicles ahead of the impending internal combustion engine (ICE) sale ban in 2030.

Rolec’s existing and new domestic and commercial chargepoint customers will gain access to EV charging software solutions. This will be achieved by transitioning these customers onto Monta’s platform.

Rolec drivers will have access to thousands of chargepoints on the Monta network with the ability to be instantly reimbursed for their charge via the Monta wallet. Fleet drivers can also automatically be reimbursed for the kWh used to charge the vehicle at home.

“Having successfully undertaken many commercial projects with Monta throughout 2022, I am pleased to announce our new partnership that will see Rolec provide a uniformed platform now covering domestic, commercial, and public charging, to support our roll-out of existing fleet demand,” said Frankie Mellon, sales director at Rolec.

“Monta is the perfect solution to meet the requirements of our current fleets projects due to be delivered across 2023. The partnership will enhance the Rolec portfolio with added features such as 24/7 support, share your charger to generate revenue, car integration, smart queue and charge point reservation, dynamic pricing, and fleet wallet.

“Drivers using the Monta App will benefit from e-roaming and immediate access to over 280,000 charge points.”

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network