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Exclusive: TVS working on electric scooter with solar roof

Exclusive: TVS working on electric scooter with solar roof


– TVS developing electric scooter with solar roof

– Charge-on-the-go technology

– Could debut by 2022

TVS is working on a range of scooters both electric and hybrid that will come with a roof. The company has been working on this concept since the last few years, and have finally decided to take it up in full fledge.

We recently received a few reports with pictures and details of this project from one of our sources. According to these reports, TVS is working on the next generation of personal transportation vehicles. These vehicles are likely to be developed for personal use as well as for commercial purposes. The idea is to develop a two-wheeler that is safe and also technologically more advanced than the traditional ones.

The Hosur-based manufacturer is working on electric as well as hybrid scooters. For both of these, there will be solar panels placed on the roof that will derive energy from the sun and charge the battery. This battery will in turn power the motor which will further power the rear wheel. The fundamental idea is to develop a scooter that can be charged on the go. So there’s no need to put the vehicle on charge every time the battery drains out. This technology will totally eliminate range anxiety, and could also be used for longer commute. And for this very reason, the company is focusing a lot on the pillion comfort. So, the pillion will have a proper backrest and headrest.

The roof structure will be made from a range of lightweight materials like fibre reinforced plastic, polyacrylonitrile, aluminium and sheet metal. The design and layout of the solar panels are yet to be finalised, but it will be placed in such a way that the maximum operational efficiency is achieved.

We will see some of the concepts in a year or two, but expect the production model to be out only when the market is ready. This will be a global product, so there’s a high chance the Indian market won’t be the first country to get this product.

Source: bikewale
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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