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Federal Network Agency issued surcharges in PV -Ausschreibung with Denmark

Federal Network Agency issued surcharges in PV -Ausschreibung with Denmark


The Federal Network Agency has recently applied five bids with a volume of 50 megawatts with a surcharge of 5.38 cents / kilowatt hour in the first call for tenders for photovoltaic open-air installations for Danish bidders.

Supplements go to Denmark

The award price is almost 2 cents / kWh lower than the average supplementary price of the last national call for tender for open-air installations in the amount of 7.25 cents / kWh. All supplements were granted to companies established in Denmark and related to agricultural areas. This surface category is currently not permitted for open-air installations in Germany. In an open invitation to tender, not all locations can be matched. The sites with the most favorable conditions are implemented in tender procedures. Calls for tenders open for foreign projects are intended to complement energy supplies in Germany. Against the background of different site conditions are in EEG but deliberately limited to a reasonable total.

Pilot function for future tenders

The open invitation to tender with Denmark was the first cross-border tender for electricity from renewable energies in Europe. It is an important pilot process to experiences in the practice of cross-border tenders with other EU to collect -Members. 43 bids with a volume of 297 megawatts have been received by the Bundesnetzagentur for this tendering competition. Of these, 17 were related to projects with a bid of 154 megawatts in Denmark and 26 bids with 143 megawatts of German projects. The tender volume of 50 megawatts was therefore almost fivefold. It had to be excluded in the process only two bids.

All bids for projects in Germany may in the tender round 1 December again participate ( www.bundesnetzagentur.de/ffav16-3 ). These bids can also at the Danish tender ( https://ens.dk/en/our-services/current-tenders/pilot-tender-price-premium-electricity-solar-pv be submitted). The surcharges will be made today on the website of the Federal Network Agency announced ( www.bundesnetzagentur.de/pv-ausschreibung-dk ). There is also further information, which has been summarized in a background paper.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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