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First Colombia Gold Engages With Singa Energy to Open Solar Energy Facilities


First Colombia Gold Corp.announced Recently that the company, along with their joint venture partner Singa Energy Solutions, has submitted several joint energy proposals to the countries of Suriname, Nepal, Jamaica and Belize. These proposals constitute Letters of Intent to each country specifying the intention to develop several Solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities. This comes on the heels of the December 10th announcement where Mr. Alexander V. Misir, Chairman of Singa Energy Solutions, stated that Singa has issued “Confirmed Letters of Intent to Jamaica and Belize to build and operate a total of 150 MW Solar Farm with estimated cost of 175 million dollars.”

The Letters of Intent also state that the consortium’s intention on this proposed solar project is to build, own, operate the facilities and then transfer ownership to each of these Governments after twenty-five years of operation. Jason Castenir, CEO of First Colombia Gold, stated, “This further emphasizes our company’s intention to diversify our operations. While we are very excited about the strides we have made on our domestic operations in both the energy and retail markets, we are continuing to develop and increase our partnership with Singa Energy. These international opportunities present great potential for revenue within the company as these proposals, if accepted, would make First Colombia Gold Corp. a global energy producer.”

Mr. Castenir went on to say, “In addition to developing our domestic ventures, we’re continuing to mature our international portfolio through our partnership with Singa Energy Solutions. With the landmark climate change agreement made recently in Paris, our company is committed to helping these emerging markets reach their clean energy goals. As these proposals develop, we will continue to update our shareholders on the progress.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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