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Fuelling clean drive: Electric vehicles get green plates in Delhi

Fuelling clean drive: Electric vehicles get green plates in Delhi


NEW DELHI: Electric vehicles in Delhi have started sporting green-coloured registration plates, made mandatory by the transport department to distinguish them from fuel-run vehicles.

“The Centre had recently issued an order to make it compulsory for all electric vehicles to have green registration plates. So, the new electric vehicles are coming with green plates,” a senior transport department official said. The numberplates have a green background with white font for private vehicles and yellow for commercial vehicles.

The official added, “Old vehicles don’t have these registration plates. We are reaching out to owners of such vehicles. They will get these new plates from their vehicle dealers”.

The official said the aim was not only to be able to distinguish these vehicles on roads, but also try to give them some benefits in the future. “For instance, Delhi might see congestion charges and higher parking fees as per the new parking policy. It is possible that these environment-friendly vehicles could be provided exemption or lower charges. This would encourage people to go for electric vehicles. Though no decision has been taken on giving such benefits yet,” he said.

The city has more than 1 lakh e-rickshaws and the department’s target is to make them switch to green numberplates too. The number of registered e-rickshaws in Delhi is more than 50,000 but total number of these vehicles is way beyond 1 lakh now. “We are trying to get more e-rickshaws registered. Making e-rickshaw owners to get green plates is going to be challenging,” he said.

Delhi government also plans to promote electric two-wheelers in a big way and a subsidy of up to Rs 22,000 is proposed on the purchase of electric two wheelers to ensure their cost is less than or equal to petrol two-wheelers. Electric two-wheeler taxis will be allowed to provide last mile connectivity in the city.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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