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Genesis made a miniature mint green electric car for the urban future

Genesis made a miniature mint green electric car for the urban future


A Genesis executive goofed and called it a ‘Mini’

Genesis is not a well-known brand in the US — only around 100 dealers feature the automaker’s cars on their lots — but the company is making it a habit to release its flashiest concepts at stateside auto shows. Last year, it was the Genesis Essentia, an all-electric coupe with a retro-futuristic glass bubble roof. This year it’s the Mint concept, an electric city car with (you guessed it) a minty fresh paint job.

It’s a “city car” meant to squeeze through the narrow alleys and dense traffic of packed urban centers. The two-seat, two-door vehicle has a shortened sedan-shaped body, but without a traditional trunk. In its place, there’s a “parcel shelf” designed for occasional use. Think a Smart Car with a slightly longer wheelbase.

The car made its debut this week at the New York International Auto Show. There is no plan to put the Mint into production, and as such, it’s best seen as a design exercise. The automaker was light on details, but did note that the car’s battery could be capable of 200 miles per charge and 350kW quick charging.

The compact size is what makes the Mint concept a real standout. With a low-slung roof and wide stance with large rims and tires, it looks quite sporty. It also has no visible grille, which is becoming more common for electric vehicles. When it was introduced on the floor of the auto show Wednesday, a Genesis executive goofed and called it “Mini.”

Genesis calls this a “new vehicle typology,” which speaks to the lack of sporty, two-door EVs on the market today. To be sure, it’s not clear that the Mint will ever be made, either. Genesis, the luxury arm of Hyundai, has been teasing EVs for a few years now, but has yet to announce any for its production schedule.

Source: theverge
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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