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Gintech Energy signed a distribution agreement with MPRIME


Gintech Energy Corporation, a global leader in the PV industry, recently announced that it has reached an exclusive agreement with MPRIME. Gintech Energy agrees to have MPRIME, a channel subsidiary of the largest European PV integrator Martifer Solar, as the exclusive distributor in France, Portugal and Italy.Gintech Energy has been known as a tier-one Taiwanese solar cell maker. It entered the module business in 2013, experiencing rapid growth thereafter. Gintech Energy’s modules have been heralded by Bloomberg as the most bankable Taiwanese brand and Gintech Energy has been shipping upwards of 100MW in 2015 to the European market alone.

Gintech Energy and Martifer Solar have a long history of cooperation for solar cells, and with the new contract the partnership will soar to another level. Namely, Martifer Solar will promote Gintech Energy’s modules as the most important distributor in the European market.With Martifer Solar’s solid networking and strong sales teams, Gintech Energy expects, after its impressive breakthrough in 2015 in Germany and the U.K., to see a tremendous volume boost in particularly France, Italy and Portugal in 2016. The Company expects to ship 200MW of modules to Europe in 2016.

Gintech Energy still enjoys the best reputation for its solar cells, which is the key component to determine a module’s long-term performance, and Gintech Energy has extended its strict adherence to quality into its module workmanship.  Its modules are known for their long lifetime and for being reliable, safe and consistent in power generation, resulting in overall competitive benefits for Martifer Solar and its customers.“This contract with Gintech translates all the work and effort developed by MPRIME, to be one of the leading Trading and Distribution Platform in the energy sector. No doubt that, with partnerships like these, we will strengthen our position in the market and succeed in the future.” said Henrique Rodrigues, CEO of Martifer Solar.

Dr. Wen-Whe Pan, President of Gintech, said “Being a global scaled and leading Taiwanese PV cell and Module manufacturer with superior quality, Gintech enjoyed the solid and fruitful cooperation with Martifer in the past years in cell level.  Furthermore, it is Gintech’s pleasure and honour to integrate the cooperation and expand the partnership between Martifer and Gintech to include PV modules in 2015 by inviting Martifer as Gintech’s sole distributor in France, Portugal and Italy. Gintech commits its best and full support to Martifer to strengthen this partnership, as well as all future opportunities in the EU and global markets.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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