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Going Solar with SUNation Pays Big for Solarize Brookhaven Homeowners

Going Solar with SUNation Pays Big for Solarize Brookhaven Homeowners


Nearly 80 Town of Brookhaven homeowners and their families are feeling the pride of a community that has done a good thing for the environment by going solar. And they’ll feel the thanks that $55,300 provides this coming Wednesday. That’s when SUNation Solar Systems, Long Island’s Fastest Growing Solar Provider, will award participating homeowners in the Solarize Brookhaven project with individual checks for $700 apiece totaling $55,300 for stepping up and leading their community by going solar. In addition to the immediate cash awards, participating homeowners are expected to generate significant energy savings reaching over $3.2 million over the next 20 years. That represents an average savings of over $40,000 per homeowner over that period. The checks will be distributed in a ceremony held from 5 PM – 8 PM on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at SUNation Solar Systems Headquarters, 171 Remington Boulevard, Ronkonkoma, NY. SUNation president and CEO Scott Maskin and co-founder Mike Bailis will present the checks. They are honored to be joined by Ed Romaine, Town of Brookhaven Supervisor and Lisabeth Tremblay, Assistant Project Manager at NY SUN/NYSERDA, who will be on hand to congratulate the homeowners.

“SUNation Solar Systems congratulates the Solarize Brookhaven project participants who are now part of our growing SUNation Solar Family. They have each made the decision to own their future and save money spent on energy while helping to make Long Island a sustainable community for generations to come,” says Maskin.

“Town of Brookhaven homeowners in the Solarize Brookhaven project are leading Long Island into its future of energy independence,” says Romaine. “I am proud as always of our residents and hope that other towns and villages will follow the example they have set.”

“I have always wanted solar panels for my home so when I found out about the Solarize Brookhaven Program with SUNation, they offered an incentive with an affordable finance plan,” says Linda Tong, Brookhaven Homeowner. “We are going to run out of our fossil fuels at one point in time, so we have to look to the future and see what can be done to help our planet.”

Solarize Long Island Projects
The Solarize Brookhaven project represents an industry-government partnership with participants that include SUNation Solar Systems, the Town of Brookhaven, NYSERDA, Suffolk Community College and Renewable Energy Long Island.

SUNation plans to continue its campaign to help all Long Island homeowners and businesses own their power options by going solar. The company has been selected as the sole authorized provider of both residential and commercial solar power among the solar providers selected by the Town of North Hempstead for its upcoming Solarize North Hempstead campaign.

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