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GoodWe’s Glory at The Oberoi Group – Hotels & Resorts, India – EQ Mag Pro

GoodWe’s Glory at The Oberoi Group – Hotels & Resorts, India – EQ Mag Pro



The Oberoi Group is a luxury hotel group, founded in 1934 operating primarily under its Oberoi Hotels & Resorts and Trident brands. Recognized as the best resorts in India, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts have traditional architecture, lush gardens and magnificent views. It has also won the Editor’s Choice Award for best safety & hygiene protocols in 2020.

It is not only known for its warm, sincere hospitality, luxurious accommodation and authentic experiences at every destination but also for its vision of a cleaner & greener environment.

In a move reflective of the nation’s shift towards renewable energy sources, Oberoi and Trident hotels in Gurgaon have switched to solar power to fulfill their energy demands. This will help the hotels in reducing their carbon emissions. The move marks a welcome step for large luxury hotel chains, which have a particularly high carbon footprint due to the nature of the business and facilities they offer. “Adopting renewable energy like solar power will help resolve many environmental challenges like reducing global warming and CO2 emission and also helping drive greater socio-economic benefits by creating local employment opportunities,” the group statement said. The Hotel has commissioned captive Solar Power Plants at various locations:

1. The Oberoi – Vanyavilas Resort, Ranthambore

The Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort is the best 5-star hotel in Ranthambore, that offers luxury tented accommodation inspired by the opulent caravans of the royal families. Set in 20 acres of landscaped gardens, lakes and fountains, the resort borders on the Ranthambore National Park & Tiger Reserve. A fine restaurant serving authentic Rajasthani and international cuisine. All accompanied by hospitality that is genuine and sincere.

The luxury hotel offers guests an unforgettable experience of staying camps that are designed tastefully. The hotel has bagged many prestigious awards for its services.

Seizing the advantages of abundant sunlight in the area, the Oberoi Vanyavilas Wildlife Resort also adopted clean & green energy. It also drew inspiration from the National Park that conserves the Tigers and helps to maintain the environmental & ecological balance.


The Resort is a Royalty Place and installing a solar power plant was challenge because it could not have altered the beauty & aesthetics of the place. The entire team has to be mindful that there is no distortion in the property’s architecture while commissioning the project.

Also, the resort is surrounded by an open Zoo and wild animals are free to roam in the premise. Thus, without the presence of security guards and gypsies, one cannot move inside the premises. The absence of any other mode of transport inside the area also made it difficult for team members to commute from one point to other.

The team overcame all these challenges and successfully installed a 400kw Solar Plant in the resort with the support of Sterling & Wilson Solar Ltd. 8 GoodWe inverters of different capacities (1 GW60K-MT, 4 GW50K-MT, 1 GW25K-MT & 2 GW15KT-DT) powers this Plant now!

2. The Oberoi – Hotel Trident, Agra

Near the Taj Mahal, Trident Agra is one of the best hotels in the city. Beautifully landscaped gardens and water fountains welcome to this charming leisure hotel. Built in local red stone, reminiscent of the Mughal era, the hotel features tastefully appointed rooms and suites, which overlook the central courtyard and gardens. The soothing views of this 5 star property is perfectly complemented by a selection of luxury restaurants, recreation and wellness facilities, accompanied by warm service.


This project had the most difficult challenges while implementation of the project as the net metering policies are not defined by the state government. This is an eco-green project which means no tampering of greenery was allowed in the premise.

The Project was commissioned during Peak Summers. Heat waves and high temperature is common in this area which made working conditions difficult for the team.

GoodWe made this an eco-friendly projected by installing elevated inverters so that the greenery and farming in the land is not disturbed.

3. The Oberoi – Hotel Trident-Udaipur

The Trident, Udaipur is a five-star splendour of Rajasthan, India. Nicknamed the ‘City of Lakes’ for its picturesque lakes framed by the Aravalli range, the history of Udaipur is a rich and charming tapestry of lakeside palaces, forts, temples and gardens which reflect the varied influences of centuries past. The hotels showcase architectural and cultural heritage of Udaipur.


The Resort is also a forest reserve area and thus, has a vast expanse of land. Movement in the area for commissioning of the project was a huge challenge for the team members. The project commenced in summers and the city is hit by heat waves leading to a high increase in temperature. The team has to halt work in the afternoons because of the intolerable heat.

GoodWe inverters go through ‘Aging Test’ which means they are tested under 50 degree celcuis with high humidity sealed room to simulate extreme envrionment for 6 hours which ensures each inverter will maintain its maximum performace without degradation. Thus, even in high temprerures the invertres are efficient and peforming at its best.

4. The Oberoi – Udaivilas, Udaipur

Spread over 50 acres, The Oberoi Udaivilas features grand architecture inspired by the palaces of Rajasthan. The property is built on 200-year-old hunting grounds of the Maharana of Mewar. Located on the banks of Udaipur’s Lake Pichola, it has restaurants, heated outdoor pools and a luxurious spa. Courtyards, fountains and gardens occupy the Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur.

It is known as the ‘Luxury Wedding Destination’ of India.


There were strict mandates like there could be no cutting of plants for installation of the project. Also, since it was an eco-green project and there is stretch lush greenery, integration of any other color would distort the beauty and greenery of the property. GoodWe Inverters are Red in color and so this was the biggest challenge.

In order to follow the mandate and not to temper with the greenery, we painted our inverters green to camouflage them with the environment. No Plants were cut or destroyed and all inverters were ground mounted. In this way, we achieved best results and effective implementation of the project.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network