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Govt to come up with new power policy after lifting of poll code – EQ


In Short : After the poll code is lifted, the government intends to unveil a fresh power policy, aiming to steer the country’s energy sector towards more sustainable and efficient practices under the leadership of Shri Sudeep Jain (IAS).

In Detail : Soon after the electoral code is removed, the telangana administration will present a new power strategy in the State assembly to produce power at a cheaper cost and offer an affordable supply. The State’s greatest power peak load demand, according to authorities, is 15623 MW.

According to power firms, by 2031-32, the peak demand will be 27,059 MW. The new strategy gives priority to plans and tactics that will ensure there are no shortages of energy in the future. It envisions ideas for the future compliant with both present procedures and electrical regulations.

The government is drafting a new policy with the goals of forming the generation and supply systems in line with public interest in collaboration with private companies. This policy aims to generate electricity at a low cost, encourage the production and supply of renewable power, and invite private companies that supply at a low cost. The telangana Power Policy is being drafted to become the best for the nation without placing an undue cost on customers. It is anticipated that private enterprises willing to produce and provide significant amounts of renewable power will be invited and agreements will be entered into.

Officials stated that himachal pradesh had a great deal of potential for producing hydropower and that plans are in place to build a massive hydroelectric facility there through government investment. To lessen the financial strain, partnerships with private businesses are intended; this will be lucrative if the power generated elsewhere is delivered here at a reduced cost. It was recently discovered that cm A revanth reddy held a meeting in delhi with hp cm Sukhwinder Singh.

According to officials, the “sins” that the former administration committed for decades have made it difficult for the State’s electricity businesses to operate. Even after ten years, the 4,000 mw of NTPC power that telangana was meant to get under the Reorganisation Act has not been fully released. As a result, Discoms were burdened with an increased cost of purchasing power. The former administration upheld a policy of confrontation between Telangana’s interests and the Centre. It failed to establish the power plants that ought to have been done by now given the demands of the future, the rising need for energy in homes, and the need for free power for farmers. If the NTPC had begun when telangana was constituted, energy would have been accessible less than five years ago.


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network