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Green Horizons: Solis India’s 4GW Expedition in Driving Solar Transformation – EQ

Green Horizons: Solis India’s 4GW Expedition in Driving Solar Transformation – EQ


In 2015, Solis India embarked on a transformative journey within the Indian solar power sector, emerging as a Tier 1 global inverter brand by BNEF. Today, the company proudly announces the achievement of a significant milestone – 4GW in shipments since its inception. This remarkable feat not only underscores Solis’ commitment to sustainable energy but also highlights the reliability and technological leadership of its products.

At the core of Solis India’s success is a dedication to continuous innovation and an expansive product portfolio catering to diverse needs, from residential to utility segments. The company’s ability to adapt and evolve with the dynamic solar market has been a key driver in its ascent to prominence. Solis has been a proactive force, introducing cutting-edge technologies and expanding its product offerings to meet the evolving demands of the market.

The reliability and technological leadership of Solis products have played a pivotal role in achieving the 4GW milestone. The company’s commitment to quality and reliability is evident in the Bloomberg Tier 1 accreditation, emphasizing its position as a trusted and preferred choice in the Indian solar power landscape. Additionally, being ranked as No. 1 in Rooftop in India by Bridge To India, a Crisil Company, further solidifies Solis’ commitment to excellence.

Behind this success story stands Mr. Yiming Wang, the visionary Chairman whose leadership and guidance have been instrumental in steering Solis towards prosperity over the last 18 years. His forward-thinking approach and strategic vision have positioned Solis as a market leader, setting industry benchmarks and fostering a culture of excellence within the organization.

A significant factor contributing to Solis India’s success is the local service infrastructure. Solis offers hassle-free support from local technicians, both over the phone and online, ensuring a seamless experience for installers, electricians, and end-users. Moreover, Solis provides a clear and easy-to-follow after-sales support process, with a commitment to achieving service excellence. Additionally, installers benefit from direct replacements for any failing inverters through trusted partners.

Solis’ inverters, built for reliability and easy installation, feature multiple MPPT connections for diverse roof conditions. The setup is effortless through SolisCloud, using Bluetooth or an internet connection, and hybrid models seamlessly integrate with various battery brands, complete with a Smart Meter.

Looking ahead, Solis India plans to further enhance its service infrastructure by opening a service warehouse in the East part of the country. This strategic expansion aligns with the company’s commitment to providing timely and reliable service to its customers.

Solis’ journey is marked by a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The 4GW shipment milestone, achieved through reliability, technological leadership, and robust local service, represents the tangible impact Solis has made in reducing carbon footprints and promoting a cleaner, greener future for India. With Mr. Yiming Wang at the helm, the company is poised for even greater heights, leveraging its strong foundation, innovative spirit, and the trust of its customers to continue leading the way in sustainable energy solutions. Solis’ successful journey is a testament to the power of vision, perseverance, and a genuine commitment to making a difference in the world of renewable energy.

About Ginlong (Solis):

Established in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) (Stock Code: 300763.SZ) is the world’s third-largest PV inverter manufacturer. Providing solar and energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale customers, Solis delivers value across the solar supply chain. The Solis brand employs innovative string technology, ensuring top-tier reliability validated through rigorous international certifications.

By integrating a global supply chain with leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Ginlong tailors Solis inverters to regional markets, with local experts offering exceptional service and support. The company’s proven bankability has earned support from leading financial institutions, ensuring robust, long-term returns on investment. Collaborating with stakeholders, Solis remains committed to accelerating the world’s journey towards a sustainable future.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network