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Green Hydrogen Auction in 3-4 Months: RK Singh – ET Auto

Green Hydrogen Auction in 3-4 Months: RK Singh – ET Auto


India will bid for it Green hydrogen Over the next 3-4 months, strength and Renewable energy The Minister RK Singh Said Friday. He said that the demand for energy from the coal-fired power plants without retirement could help the country add green energy to its portfolio.

Singh said his ministries are having discussions with the ministries of oil and gas, fertilizer and steel Hydrogen The mission of formulating a bidding framework. In the early years, it was discussed to specify mandatory purchasing obligations for green hydrogen on fertilizer plants, oil refineries and steel plants.

“We import ammonia. We hope that 10% of the ammonia imported by the fertilizer units will be replaced by green ammonia produced in India. You have imported natural gas and extracted hydrogen. We have put it into the Ministry of Petroleum. Suppose given, ”he launched a‘ Go-Electric ’campaign to promote electric mobility and cooking.

He said that if at least 10% of the green hydrogen liability was imposed on steel, fertilizer and oil refineries, the fuel would be competitive in three years.

“You have to be obligated to buy green hydrogen made in India. It can be a bit more expensive. Whatever it is, we need to get started. It depends on the bid. In fact, it is not very expensive,” he said.

Singh said the average increase in demand from October to January was 10.5%. In October, it increased by 13%.

“We see growth going up. In fact, the rate of increase is accelerating. Despite much of our economy, the commercial sector is not fully operational on all cylinders. Growth has occurred. The rest of the economy begins, our energy demand growth rate increases. It gives us space to add, ”he said.

Singh said all countries are worried about environmental degradation and that the pressure on various countries to reduce emissions will increase.

“At present, our energy consumption is one-third of the world average, per capita energy consumption is one-third of the world average. The pace of transition is the fastest in the world, ”he said.

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, who attended the event, said electric vehicles should be made mandatory for all government officials with the aim of promoting swatch clean transport.

He said the government should subsidize the purchase of electric cooking equipment instead of supporting the purchase of cooking gas for homes.

Source: dailynpaper

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network