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GroenLeven is developing one of the largest floating solar parks at Kremer Zand and Grind

GroenLeven is developing one of the largest floating solar parks in the world on the Zuidplas in Kremer Zand and Grind in Sellingerbeetse. The solar park has a capacity of 48 megawatts, which is equivalent to electricity for around 13,000 households. The green energy that the floating park generates goes directly to Kremer Zand and Grind, which makes the business operations more sustainable.

The Zuidplas is no longer in use as a sand extraction site. That is why it is the ideal location for a floating solar park. By combining sand extraction ponds and other inland waterways with solar panels, a sustainable combination is created that is in line with GroenLeven’s philosophy: creating solar energy as a dual function on roofs, parking places, landfill, industrial sites and therefore water.

In order to make optimum use of the capacity of the solar park, Kremer Zand and Grind relocate the classifying installation for sand extraction in the Noordplas and the drying installation from Emmen to an industrial park in Groningen-Zuid. Other industries and the surrounding area may also benefit from the sustainably generated energy there. 

With the relocation of the drying installation, it is converted from a gas-fired to an electric dryer. This saves a huge amount of gas every year and there is a major reduction in CO2 emissions. By drying sand later when the sun shines, a sufficient supply of dry sand can be produced, for example for use in water purification, without the need for gas.

The relocation of the classifying installation by the solar park has more positive consequences: from now on the sand transport takes place via three pipelines. These connect the sand extraction directly with the industrial park and the processing installations. As a result, it is no longer necessary for sand wagons to cross the Sellingen area. This will increase the tranquility in the surrounding villages. The Zuidplas itself is surrounded by greenery. This means that the solar park is almost completely hidden from view.

Together, GroenLeven and Kremer Zand and Grind take an important step in the energy transition with the floating solar park, which will be realized in mid-2020.

                                 The lake in Sellingerbeetse of Kremer Zand and Grind, where a floating solar park will soon rise.

Source: groenleven.nl


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network