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Growatt Booth Shines at Smarter E India 2024 – EQ

Growatt Booth Shines at Smarter E India 2024 – EQ


Growatt’s participation at the Smarter E India 2024 in Gandhinagar has successfully drown to a close, grabbing the spotlight. With about 15,000 visitors and 250 exhibitors, this exhibition served as a platform to gather all professionals and discover the most pioneering trends in the field of new energy. Growatt showcased solar and storage offerings for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility applications tailored to the India market trends and customers’ needs.

The highlights were the C&I string inverter, MAX 150KTL3-X LV, and the microinverter, NEO 2000M-X, marking their debut in the Indian market. The 150 kW system has better generation efficiency and enables significant cost savings for businesses, since it supports connection to large diameter aluminum cables and PLC communications. The NEO 2000M-X adopts module-level monitoring system that can optimize generation efficiency with modules not affecting each other. With the ability to handle string currents up to 15 A and four independent MPPTs, it seamlessly integrates with higher watt peak modules. Featuring an IP67 rating for protection, these micro-inverters offer compact design, easy installation, and online smart maintenance.

For small C&I solar projects, Growatt displayed groundbreaking MID 33-50KTL3-X2, ensuring optimal energy conversion with 98.8% efficiency. With a 16A string current, compatibility with high-powered modules, 3/4 MPPTs, IP66 protection, it’s an ideal companion for green energy transformation. Besides, for C&I energy storage use, they provide WIT 50-100KTL3-HU/AU with advanced features like black start capability, 100% unbalanced output, and 110% continuous AC overloading. It seamlessly integrates with the APX Commercial battery. This potent pairing enables businesses to attain energy independence and gain maximum green energy yield while enhancing operational efficiency.

Growatt’s Thor EV charger is available in AC and DC versions. These chargers support Fast Mode for rapid charging, Off-Peak Mode to reduce the electricity bill, and PV Linkage Mode that is driven by solar and charge your car with 100% renewable energy, for maximizing solar self-consumption.

In addition, the Red Dot Award 2022 winner, the Infinity 1500 Portable Power Stationwas shown at the event. Boasting a 1.5 kWh battery and 2 kW AC output, it serves as a versatile hub for charging devices and powering 95% of appliances. With 12 outlets, it caters to a wide range of electric needs, from mobile devices to home appliances.

Expanding on the success of the MIC & MIN inverter series, Growatt also introduces the MIC 1000-3300TL-X2 and MIN 4200-6000TL-X2. These next-gen inverters accommodate higher watt peak modules, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and empowering users for efficient solar energy harnessing.

Lisa Zhang, Vice President at Growatt, emphasized the increasing demand for solar energy in India, stating, “Our energy solutions have empowered homes, businesses, and communities across over 180 countries globally. Moving forward, we will continue to leverage our expertise and deliver reliable, intelligent solar and storage solutions to the Indian market.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network