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Growatt to Showcase Smart Energy Solutions and Innovations at REI Expo 2023 – EQ

Growatt to Showcase Smart Energy Solutions and Innovations at REI Expo 2023 – EQ


The Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo 2023 will be held at India Expo Centre & Mart from Oct. 4-6. As a leading distributed inverter solution supplier, Growatt will showcase its comprehensive product portfolio and state-of-the-art technology at Booth 101 in Hall 7.

Displaying Growatt’s groundbreaking MID 33-50KTL3-X2 product, a game-changer for the C&I segment, boasting an impressive 98.8% conversion efficiency. The MID X2 series ensures optimal energy conversion by featuring 3/4 MPPTs and a 16A string current, making it compatible with high power modules. With IP66 protection and AFCI & Type II SPD on DC & AC sides, it’s your ideal partner for safe and green energy transformation. Furthermore, Growatt’s ingenious OSS (Online Smart Service) system integrates intelligent string monitoring, smart IV curve scanning, and one-click diagnostics embody ingenuity.

MID 33-50KTL3-X2

At the Expo, Growatt will highlight its dynamic NEO 2000M-X micro-inverter series, crafted for small rooftop or balcony PV scenarios. It hosts 4 independent MPPTs, securing peak performance for each panel, and supports a 15A string current, compatible with 600W+ solar modules. The impressively low start voltage of 20V enables early activation and extended operation and the Communication Gateway (Weblink) realizes panel-level performance monitoring.

NEO 2000M-X

In the quest for energy self-sufficiency and cost reduction, businesses are increasingly adopting energy storage systems. This drive takes center stage at the Expo, where Growatt will shine with its diverse energy storage solutions, notably the outstanding ‘WIT 50-100KTL3-HU/AU’. The WIT series highlights advanced functions including built-in UPS, black start capability, 100% unbalanced output, 110% continuous AC overloading, and seamless compatibility with the APX commercial battery.

WIT 50-100KTL3-HU/AU

“Growatt’s exhibition at REI Expo, recognized as Asia’s leading renewable energy-focused B2B exhibition, will involve a wide range of smart energy solutions, including the high-string current MIC -X2 & MIN -X2 single-phase grid-tied inverter and the powerful MAX series C&I grid-tied inverters”, said Rucas Wang, regional director of Growatt. Additionally, the Thor AC/DC EV chargers and the portable Infinity series power stations are equally showcased. “These offerings address ever-changing user-side demands, emphasizing Growatt’s mission to enable everyone to benefit from sustainable energy”, Wang affirmed.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network