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Guidelines for “New and Renewable Energy Young Scientist Awards”


The   MNRE   supports   Research,   Development   and   Demonstration   (RD&D)   to develop  new  and  renewable  energy  technologies,  processes,  materials,  components,  sub-systems,  products  &  services,  standards  and  resource  assessment  so  as  to  indigenously manufacture  renewable  energy  devices  and  systems.  The  underlying  purpose  of  RD&D efforts  is  to  make  industry  competitive  and  renewable  energy  generation  supply  self-sustainable/profitable  and  thereby  contribute  to  increase  share  in  total  energy  mix  in  the country.  A  comprehensive  policy  on  Research,  Design,  Development  and  Demonstration (RD&D)  is  in  place  to  support  RD&D  in  new  and  renewable  energy  sector,  including associating and supporting RD&D earned out by industry for market development. R&D projects are supported to various R&D institutions, industries, expert NGOs, etc.

For more information pls go through attached PDF…Date_extended_for-Young-Scientist-Award-Scheme-MNRE-23092015
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