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Gujarat: Rooftop solar power generation scheme for slums soon

Gujarat: Rooftop solar power generation scheme for slums soon


Gandhinagar: The Government of Gujarat plans to launch a solar power generation scheme for slum dwellers. Not only will slum dwellers get free power, the government will also pay them for surplus power that they generate by installing solar panels.

Earlier, the state government launched solar power generation schemes for households with terraces and the Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY) for farmers. These schemes have received a modest response from users.

Speaking about the new initiative, a top government official said, “The rooftop solar power generation facility is for well-off citizens who have concrete houses with terraces. The state government has decided to extend this facility to slum dwellers as well. The Gujarat government will soon announce a new scheme for slum dwellers who can produce the solar power for their need and can earn revenue by selling surplus power.”

Under the scheme, the government will set up flexible solar panel domes in slums and use vacant spaces in the slums to generate electricity. The electricity produced will be supplied to the slum and additional or excess power generated will be purchased by the government.

“The state government is attempting to make the scheme as feasible as possible for slum dwellers, with the government bearing a major portion of the installation cost. The scheme will have both individual as well as community solar power generation options. Initially, the government is likely to implement the scheme in slum pockets of major cities as a pilot project,” officials said.

Source : Economic times
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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