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Gujarat to develop hybrid project using solar, wind energy

Gujarat to develop hybrid project using solar, wind energy


At a time when the demand for solar projects is dwindling, the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) is developing a hybrid technology using solar and wind energy to generate power.

The institute is doing research on developing a hybrid rooftop solar-wind tower amid rising concerns over land utilisation and infrastructure costs.

According to GERMI, this will not only improve land utilisation, but also reduce the cost of transmission infrastructure. The institute is planning to conduct a trial run for the project this year.

“We are working on developing a hybrid technology that enables both solar and wind power generation at a single place. This will help in proper utilisation of land which is currently not being fully achieved,” said T Harinarayana, Director General, GERMI.

The institute also maintained that the new technology will address several other issues including grid connectivity and infrastructure-related challenges, besides cutting down costs.

“We believe that the use of technology will solve several issues and make functions easier. Currently, grid connectivity and other infrastructure associated with solar and wind power generation are independent. But with the new technology, we are trying to bring all these into a single network which would reduce costs of the overall project,” added Harinarayana.

Under the new technology, GERMI is looking to develop a windmill that would be 5 metres to 125 metres tall. While mills on small towers would be connected with solar rooftops, the big ones would be attached to ground-based solar generation.

The institute has recently also launched a mobile application that will enable users to find viable locations for setting up a wind power project across India. By entering a location, the application provides instant climatic and geographical data of a particular place, thereby, suggesting the viability of power generation using wind energy. GERMI has also created a special map of potential places for harnessing wind energy that is connected with the application.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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