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Gujarat Toolroom to set up Rs 572.5-cr hybrid green energy plant – EQ

Gujarat Toolroom to set up Rs 572.5-cr hybrid green energy plant – EQ


In Short – The exemption removes the need for State Government Committee approval on Solar Park infrastructure and O&M charges, streamlining processes for developers. This accelerates project timelines, reduces bureaucratic hurdles, and promotes solar energy growth, fostering a more efficient and sustainable energy sector.

In Details – Gujarat Toolroom (GTL) has revealed plans for a hybrid-green energy power plant project, involving an investment of total project cost of Rs 572.5 crore. In a momentous move, it is poised to reshape the energy landscape, and underscores GTL’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability.

This comprehensive investment encompasses various critical components, including Rs 6.5 crores for land acquisition, Rs 150 crore for solar panels, Rs 225 crore for cutting-edge wind turbines. Also, Rs 45 crore will be spent on robust cables and wiring infrastructure, Rs six crore for transformers, and Rs 140 crore allocated for other essential infrastructures and skilled manpower costs.

Bsed on planning and strategic allocation of resources, the power plant is poised to reach breakeven within four years, highlighting its financial viability and return on investment (RoI) potential. The project’s innovative design and efficient operational framework will deliver sustainable energy solutions.

At the core of the project lies a sophisticated combination of solar panels and wind turbines, using natural resources to maximise energy production. Spanning 60 acres, the solar panels will boast a capacity to produce one MW per hour each, while 15 meticulously positioned on-shore wind turbines will generate an additional 2.5 MW per unit.

This integration of renewable energy sources will results in a total output of 97.5 MW per hour, ensuring reliable and sustainable power generation. With the cost of electricity in Gujarat at an average of around Rs four per kWh, the project stands poised to generate substantial revenue streams. At an estimated daily revenue projection of Rs 46,80,000, it further underscores the project’s potential to deliver attractive returns and create significant value for investors.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network