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Hanwha Q CELLS Powers Manufacturing Plant of CN Industries in France with Q.FLAT-G4.1 Flat-Roof System

Hanwha Q CELLS Powers Manufacturing Plant of CN Industries in France with Q.FLAT-G4.1 Flat-Roof System


* 84 kW photovoltaic system in East-West orientation enables CN Industries´ high self-consumption rate of 70%
* Photovoltaic self-consumption bears great potential for commercial and industrial companies and municipalities in France
* Q.FLAT-G4.1 maximizes system yields and minimizes LCOE on flat roofs

[Thalheim, Germany / Auvergne, France, October 10, 2017] – A 84 kW Q.FLAT-G4.1 photovoltaic system powers the manufacturing plant of doming specialist CN Industries in France. Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH provided the complete flat roof solution Q.FLAT-G4.1 for the installation, which comprises of 280 Q.PEAK-G4.1 300 Wp modules as well as a tailor made mounting system.

The German subsidiary of the world´s largest producer of high performance solar cells, Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: HQCL), first launched Q.FLAT-G4.1 at Intersolar Europe 2017. The system has been designed to maximize system yields and lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) on limited flat roof spaces regardless of the system orientation.

In the case of CN Industries in the French Auvergne region, the 84 kW solar system has been installed in east-west orientation and is expected to produce around 116.280 kWh of clean electricity per year. This will enable the company to use around 70% of the self-produced solar electricity to power its doming production and save up to 5.218 kg of CO2 per year. Hanwha Q CELLS partner Systèmes Solaires, one of the most experienced installers in France, designed, and constructed the rooftop installation.

The second installation phase will extend the system to a carport, where Q CELLS solar modules will increase the total system size to 112 kWp. Moreover, a large energy storage will help to reach an energy autonomy rate of 72% for the plant.

Clément Neyrial at CN Industries said: “The self-consumption of solar energy through our new Q.FLAT-G4.1 rooftop installation helps us, both ecologically and economically. We´d like to thank our partners Systèmes Solaires and Hanwha Q CELLS for providing quality work and a high quality solar system solution.”

Rafael Soto, Sales Manager for Hanwha Q CELLS in France said: “In France and basically all over Europe, self-consumption of solar energy makes a lot of sense for companies in industry and commerce. Our Q.FLAT-G.4.1 flat roof system equipped with high efficiency solar modules from
Q CELLS is the ideal combination to maximize energy yields and returns on investment for the customer.”

Q.FLAT-G.4.1- maximized yields and minimized LCOE, even from difficult flat roofs.

The Q.FLAT-G4.1 flat-roof system is the central element of Hanwha Q CELLS system offering for flat roofs of commercial, industrial and public customers in Europe. It is a lot more than just a support structure for flat roof systems. Being perfectly adapted to Q CELLS´ high efficiency solar modules, Q.FLAT-G4.1 offers a complete one-stop shop system solution, including planning, documentation, delivery and installation.

The biggest advantages of a Q.FLAT-G4.1 system are its fast, simple and secure installation without roof penetration, the flexible orientation options as well as maximum yields coming from solar modules based on Hanwha Q CELLS´ proprietary Q.ANTUM cell technology for higher efficiency and lower LCOE.

About Hanwha Q CELLS
Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:HQCL) is a global leading photovoltaic manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, it has Technology and Innovation HQ in Thalheim, Germany and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China. Hanwha Q CELLS offers solar modules, photovoltaic systems solution and large-scale solar power plants.

Through its growing global business network spanning North America, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East, the company provides excellent services and long-term partnership to its customers in the utility, commercial, government and residential markets. Hanwha Q CELLS is a flagship company of Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE Global 500 firm and a Top 10 business enterprise in South Korea. For more information, visit: http://www.hanwha-qcells.com.

About Systemes Solaires
Systèmes Soliaires is specialized in the installation of photovoltaic power plants since 2006. With this background Systèmes Solaires today is the reference photovoltaic in Auvergne and Grand Center with more than 1,700 installations.
Based in Cournon d’Auvergne, near Clermont-Ferrand in the Puy-de-Dôme, its zone of activity extends to the Auvergne and its neighboring departments.

About CN Industrie
Based in Auvergne, in the heart of France, CN Industrie runs the largest doming factory in Europe. On the inside, the factory is kept free from dust, and at a constant temperature and humidity level. In this manufacturing base, all sorts of doming are carried out, from Micro Doming over to Maxi Doming – all with the best possible manufacturing times.

Source: Hanwha Q CELLS
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