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Haryana’s solar policy a non-starter

Haryana’s solar policy a non-starter


Almost six months after the minister for renewable energy launched the first grid-connected net meter in Gurgaon, the department is yet to process any applications from residents for high tension (HT) panels, due to inability to finalise a vendor.Officials at Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HARDEA ) and DHBVN said that so far, they have received 15 applications for 1.5 MW HT net meters, but have been unable to execute any, as the government is yet to decide on the vendor for the meters.

Additional deputy commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh, who is also chief project officer for renewable energy in Gurgaon, said, “This is a hindrance for our installed solar power capacity targets, as the vendor has to be finalised by the DHBVN head office in Hisar.”According to sources, the state was looking at the same empanelled vendors as Punjab, but have de-listed them due to concerns over high pricing.

Inefficient execution is a major reason why the state has failed to increase its solar capacity, despite progressive policies. “Gurgaon is DHBVN’s golden goose. With solar power in Gurgaon, its revenue is going to fall. Maybe, that’s why they’re holding back,” said Shubhra Puri, a renewable energy activist.

A look at official data shows where the problem lies. The authorities have no idea about the number of rooftop solar water heaters installed under its Solar Power Policy 2005. HAREDA officials said they have no data on the number of solar plants in Gurgaon, or their total installed capacity. The department only started tracking installations since December 2015.

Source:ET Energyworld
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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