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High time to use renewable, eco-friendly energy

High time to use renewable, eco-friendly energy


Among other options, solar and wind power are the best sources of nature-friendly, affordable and renewable energy

Hyderabad: With conventional energy sources and fossil fuel levels depleting alarmingly, experts, scientists and environmentalists all over the globe are pressing for the need to use renewable and eco-friendly energy.

Among other options, solar and wind power are the best sources of eco-friendly, affordable and renewable energy. Given the advent of technology, the market is now flooded with different options of solar and wind power catering to the requirements of both domestic and commercial sectors. Apart from the conventional ones, companies are now coming up with wide variety of models, features that make installation convenient and more importantly easy on the pocket.
Generally, when it comes to usage of solar or wind power generation sources, many are of the opinion that it is vastly used in rural areas, where uninterrupted power supply is a challenge. On the contrary, many in urban areas, especially corporates are looking for economical, convenient and best means of renewable energy options.

Addressing these demands and needs, there are a few companies, which are offering hybrid models that aid in solar and wind power generation. What is more striking is that majority of these models are manufactured and serviced by Hyderabad-based companies.

Such models and services were presented at the recently concluded ‘Cool, Green and Power Roofs’ seminar held at Institute of Engineers, Khairatabad. Windstream Energy Technologies India Private Limited presented its SolarMill, a hybrid of both solar and wind power generation model. It is easy to mount on any kind of rooftop and efficient energy density per square foot. This model facilitates in scalable energy generation with mechanical braking at wind speed of more than 18 metres per second.

Catering to the requirements of corporate and domestic sectors, the company offers different options for micro-grid and megawatt applications, for telecom tower applications and others. There are even mobile solar and wind power generation options, which can come in handy during disaster management and for defence applications. Fixed atop of a vehicle, these models are in different ranges of 4KW, 8 KW and 10 KW and offer eight hours of backup storage.

Similarly, with the increasing demand for different options to address the requirements of different fields, companies are coming up with smart and effective hybrid solutions of green power.

There are also smart solutions, which aid in making effective use of surface area of water bodies or canal tops as well. Premier Solar Systems Private Limited is offering such solutions, which combine solar, wind and diesel generators with the help of a battery energy storage system.

Floating solutions utilise the surface area of water bodies, which the help of floating photovoltaic solar arrays. It incorporates HDPE cubes, which are ultra-violet resistant and have long life. These can be used in small artificial water bodies for optimum utility of the space. Set aside conventional roofing systems and instead use the space for generating eco-friendly power. The integrated solar roofing system works as a conventional roof and generates free power as well. These solar roofing systems can be used as a roof replacing metal sheets, RCC or clay tiles. These roofing systems are water, fire, radiation and shock resistant and more importantly does not generate any noise and minimizes the heat and rain impact.

Under the brand of ATOM electric roof, Visaka Industries Limited displayed the product at the seminar, assuring high thermal resistance and payback of about five to six years. It can be used on the façade of buildings to gain maximum surface area.

Even popular corporate companies like Tata Power Solar are offering different solar energy generation options applicable for both domestic and commercial sectors. These solar grid-tie rooftop solutions can be installed in a small area of about 100 square feet to 1000 square feet. There are dealers in the city who can help in installation of these solutions.

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Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network