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Honda to launch 2 electric two-wheelers in India in FY24 with swappable battery – EQ Mag

Honda to launch 2 electric two-wheelers in India in FY24 with swappable battery – EQ Mag


Made in India Honda Electric Scooters will be sold to local customers as well as export markets.

Honda is one of the biggest names in the petrol-powered Indian two-wheeler market, but is (relatively) in its infancy in the burgeoning EV space. To increase its presence in the electric two-wheeler market, Honda is gearing up to launch two new electric vehicles in FY24.

  • Separate Factory ‘E’ dedicated exclusively to EVs being set up
  • Platform ‘E’ will serve as the base for a host of future electric models
  • Battery and motor for EVs to be made in India

Upcoming Honda EVs details

Honda’s new EVs will be new products built from the ground up and based on a dedicated platform, codenamed Platform ‘E’. This new platform will underpin different models with varying battery architecture and installation.

FY24 (April 2023-March 2024) is when the first Honda EV is slated to launch and it will be a ‘mid-range’ electric offering with a fixed battery. While the wording leaves the doors open for speculation, one of the more likely possibilities is that it could be one of the more affordable and simpler offerings on the market. There is also a high likelihood of Honda calling its debutante EV the Activa Electric. Recently, Honda filed patents for a fixed battery and hub motor, which could preview some componentry used on this upcoming e-scooter.

The second Honda EV to be launched in India will be one with a swappable battery that can easily be swapped out at one of the many battery swapping points the manufacturer claims it will set up. Earlier, our sister publication Autocar Professional had revealed the codenames for the two EVs – GJNA and K4BA.

New EV factory, battery-swapping infrastructure being set up

Speaking of charging infrastructure, Honda has announced that it plans to set up battery-swapping stations at its 6,000+ touchpoints across the country. Not just that, some of these will be converted to Workshop ‘E’ in due course and cater only to EVs. These dedicated workshops will also keep charging cables on hand for customers to charge their fixed battery EVs. Currently, there are 23 battery-swapping stations in Bangalore (which is Phase 1), and the company has plans to increase that number, especially in the southern states (Phase 2). As part of Phase 3, these swapping stations will be set up nationwide.

To cater to the demand for its electric products, Honda is setting up a separate Factory ‘E’ at its Narsapura plant in Karnataka. This factory will be where Honda manufactures motors for its upcoming EVs, and by 2030, it will be capable of producing 1 million units. The batteries and Power Control Units for the upcoming Honda EVs will be sourced from local manufacturers.

Source: PTI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network