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HOP Electric Mobility expands footprint to 54 cities in India; inaugurates Ten new Experience Centres on Republic Day – EQ Mag Pro

HOP Electric Mobility expands footprint to 54 cities in India; inaugurates Ten new Experience Centres on Republic Day – EQ Mag Pro


· HOP Electric now has 54 exclusive experience centres across 12 Indian states – planning to further expand footprint and have retail presence in more than 300 cities in 2022 itself

· HOP to roll out soon-to-be-launched high-speed electric motorcycle HOP OXO along with a New high-speed electric scooter nationally,

· Consumers can test and purchase HOP products: HOP LEO and HOP LYF, through its dealership network

Jaipur: Making far-fetching changes in the existing Indian e-mobility space by leveraging cutting-edge automobile technology and comprehensive Research & Development, HOP Electric has become India’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer. Reinforcing its commitment to Atma Nirbhar Bharat, HOP Electric has come up with a remarkable Republic Day present.

In addition to announcing soon-to-be-launched HOP OXO, an indigenous hi-speed electric motorcycle; HOP’s generation upgrade of LYF (internally named LYF2.0) has completed development cycle and launch date will be announced soon. Further, With the addition of 10 new exclusive cities, HOP now has 54 exclusive experience centres in 12 states across India, the brand is planning to further expand its footprint across India and have retail presence in more than 300 cities in 2022.

New Launches – OXO and a High-Speed Electric Scooter

It is now going to launch, HOP OXO and a high-speed electric scooter. Integrated with avant-garde features, super-sleek designs with maximum comfort elements, HOP electric vehicles have revolutionized the existing e-mobility market in India. More so in today’s era, when traditional fuels prices are getting expensive, HOP models are remarkably economical, costing approximately INR 20 paise/km. It is pertinent to note here, a 100% charged battery in HOP LEO and HOP LYF can enable the e-scooters to cover a distance between 70 to 125 km. The high-speed electric scooter & motorcycle are expected to have a real-world range of over 150 km and 120 km respectively on a single charge.

Ketan Mehta, CEO and Co-Founder of HOP Electric Mobility said, “This latest addition is absolutely heartening for us. In the past few years, the demand for electric vehicles has risen significantly. The key reasons are high penetration of social media and the internet that have triggered a conversation around sustainable transportation. There is a sudden spike in the demand for premium-grade electric vehicles among youth today. Taking cognisance of this trend, we are soon going to launch our first e-bike HOP OXO and a high-speed electric scooter. Furthermore, from our learnings and our consumers feedback we have completed the development of the generation upgrade of LYF. We expect it to launch in the next couple of months. It will be a game changer for the Indian market making electric vehicles and advanced technology accessible to everyone.”

“All HOP electric two-wheelers are specially designed to provide maximum comfort to all riders regardless of age or gender. We strive to improve and evolve further down the line and offer our consumers bonafide electric vehicles that are cost-effective, easy-to-maneuver and ecologically sound.” Added Mr. Mehta

Since its inception, HOP Electric has launched two excellent products, HOP LEO and HOP LYF. Embedded with a high-performance Li-ion battery, both HOP LEO and HOP LYF are available standard and extended range variants. All HOP products come with automatic parking assistance, reverse gear for easy park-in park-out a side stand sensor, USB charging, remote key, anti-theft alarm, and anti-theft wheel lock attributes. Other additional accessories include internet and GPS connectivity, making these new-age electric two-wheelers the perfect choice for futuristic transportation.

Hop Energy Network- HOP Electric Mobility is also planning to come up with a first electric vehicle segment, called the Hop Energy Network. It will have built-in battery swapping cum charging stations where the customer will be able to replace their discharged battery with a fully charged battery in just 30 seconds. Hop’s energy network started taking up the shape as the testing continued. In January 2021, HOP’s pilot network with 5 Swapping stations and 50 Batteries started operation in Jaipur.

HOP Electric Mobility Private Limited was founded by Ketan Mehta, Nikhil Bhatia and Rahil Gupta. Ketan is the CEO, while Nikhil and Rahil are looking after Operations and Product management, respectively. HOP is now a 25+ member team with Vivek Tomar joined as a Business Head, Rajneesh Singh as Head of Marketing, Avinash Choudhary as North India Regional manager, among others.

About HOP Electric Mobility

HOP Electric Mobility was founded with the vision to become the world’s leading provider of green, sustainable and energy-efficient two-wheelers. HOP Electric recently launched a regional branch in Jaipur, inaugurated by Rajasthan Minister of Road and Transport Sh. Pratap Singh Khachariyawas. As of now, HOP has three market-ready products, two e-scooters and one e-motorcycle. The brand plans to launch at least ten new products in the next three years.

HOP plans to expand its footprint countrywide soon. HOP aspires to establish itself as the most innovative, feasible and trusted electric vehicle brand for every customer, irrespective of gender or age. The brand wants to assist customers in becoming more independent, technology-savvy while being environmentally friendly. Revolutionizing the booming Indian electric mobility space, the company aims to cater to the growing needs of e-vehicles enthusiasts.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network