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How Do We Measure Bankability?

How Do We Measure Bankability?


When selecting a module manufacturer for your bids and projects, there are many factors to consider. At CivicSolar, the most common considerations voiced by installers are bankability, reliability, performance and price. In an ideal situation, the manufacturer chosen will have strong marks in most, if not all, of these categories. CivicSolar supports solar contractors in making these important decisions by performing due diligence on every manufacturer we partner with prior to recommending them to our installer network. When it comes to selecting a module manufacturer, JinkoSolar ranks high in any of the categories mentioned above. After doing our research, the CivicSolar Team can confidently say that Jinko brings outstanding value to the market. The proof is in the numbers.

 Together, these numbers speak to JinkoSolar’s global bankability, reliability, performance, and price. JinkoSolar was recently ranked 16th among Fortune magazine’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2016. Fortune magazine’s annual ranking of “100 Fastest-Growing Companies” assesses a number of growth indicators for U.S. listed companies including revenue growth, EPS growth and net profit growth over three years. Currently the largest module manufacturer in the world, JinkoSolar has supplied over 15 GW of modules to projects globally, including 3 GW within the US. These projects have been financed by over 85 banks, proving JinkoSolar to be one of the most financially stable module makers capable of honoring its 25-year warranty.

Since entering the US market in 2011, JinkoSolar has had zero power warranty claims and a 99.97% on-time delivery rate.  The company’s strong track record in its post-sales service gives installers confidence in their manufacturer selection, minimizes schedule and product risk, reduces O&M costs, and offers homeowners peace of mind that they are investing in a truly reliable product. JinkoSolar also invests heavily in R&D to ensure the highest performing modules.  JinkoSolar was the first to embed cell-string level optimization within the junction box of its MX modules, offering mitigation to various forms of shading and ensuring that the modules produce optimal yield, no matter the surrounding conditions.  Furthermore, JinkoSolar’s entire portfolio of modules has passed the Potential Induced Degradation (“PID”) resistance test under the conditions of 85℃ degrees and 85% relative humidity (“double 85”), making them suitable choices for areas of high humidity or applications using transformerless inverters, helping installers save on BOS costs.

 JinkoSolar offers competitive value for its products – unmatched quality, reliability, and performance with industry competitive prices.  The reason JinkoSolar is able to do this is because it is a vertically integrated module manufacturer.  By controlling the entire value chain, it not only has a strong grasp on the quality of each component that goes into a module, but it also keeps costs competitive while remaining financially viable.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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