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How to Maximize Profits in Commercial Solar Projects with Efficient Inverters Usage – EQ

How to Maximize Profits in Commercial Solar Projects with Efficient Inverters Usage – EQ


In today’s competitive solar energy landscape, optimizing the performance of your commercial solar project is essential for maximizing profits. One of the key components that can significantly impact profitability is the inverter. Both manufacturers and investors are exploring strategies to leverage inverters to enhance solar project’s earnings. A prime example of a company successfully leveraging inverters to earn more profits in a commercial solar project is Jay Precision. This renowned Indian manufacturer of medical devices and automation systems has chosen to power its manufacturing facility with a 800kW rooftop solar system. The system comprises 10 Growatt MAX 80KTL3 LV inverters, which have flawlessly powered all operations for the past four years since installation. In this article, let’s uncover how Jay Precision enhanced profitability of its solar plant.

High Power Rating

Firstly, opting for inverters with higher standalone power ratings and greater adaptability is crucial. These advanced inverters can handle a wider range of operating conditions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Growatt MAX series inverters’ capacity range from 50-150kW tailored to various C&I scenarios and 185-253kW for utility-scale projects. By choosing inverters that can handle your system’s specific needs, you can minimize downtime and maximize energy production.

Increased Capacity Ratio

Secondly, increasing the system’s capacity ratio by leveraging the inverter’s over-sizing and overload capabilities is a smart move. This allows you to squeeze more energy out of your solar panels, ultimately leading to increased profits. The MAX series inverter, with a DC/AC ratio of up to 2 is compatible with high-power modules, ensuring higher energy yields for the entire system.

Muti-MPPT Design

Employing inverters with multi-MPPT design can help reduce mismatch losses in your solar arrays.

This technology allows the inverter to track the max. power point of each solar panel string individually. Growatt C&I inverter has up to 10 MPPTs with 2 strings per MPP tracker. Each MPP tracker can achieve its best performance. It also boasts a maximum string current of 16A and an MPPT current of up to 32A, making it perfectly suited for using high-power PV modules.

Optimal Electricity Cost

Another effective way to reduce costs and improve profitability is to replace traditional copper cables with aluminum alloy cables. Aluminum cables are significantly lighter and cheaper than copper, significantly reducing the overall cabling costs of your solar project. Growatt inverters support connection with 300mm diameter aluminum cables, saving more AC cable costs.

Lower O&M Cost

Lastly, intelligent O&M solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the solar industry. These solutions provide real-time monitoring and analysis of your solar system’s performance, enabling you to detect and address any issues promptly. Growatt offers intelligent string monitoring, smart I/V scan and diagnosis as well as online smart service. By reducing downtime and improving system efficiency, these solutions can significantly lower operational costs and enhance the overall profitability of your solar project. Moreover, Growatt C&I inverters are certified with IP66 protection degree, C5 anti-corrosion, AFCI protection and Type II SPD on DC and AC sides, which prolongs its life span and adapt to various applications.

Jay Precision chose Growatt inverters for their efficiency, reliability, and cutting-edge features. Growatt MAX series 80kW and 125kW inverter won the “All Quality Matters” Award of PV Inverter for commercial use with excellent quality and high functionality, ranking first of commercial inverters. “If you seek to slash factory energy use, promote green energy, or boost solar power plant revenue, investing in these high-efficiency inverters is a wise choice”, said Lisa Zhang, Vice President of Growatt.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network