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Huawei FusionSolar Day successfully held in Thailand

Huawei FusionSolar Day successfully held in Thailand


HUAWEI and BSP Solemnly held the FusionSolar Day in the Peninsula Hotel, the Peninsula Hotel of Bangkok. The Deputy Premier of Thailand Dr. Visanukrue, the former Thai Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Pinit Jarusombat (The Chairman of Sino Thai Cultural Promotion Committee) and other key leaders attended the session, and Deliver an important speech about the cooperation and exchange on the Thailand PV investment opportunities and the Solar energy in China and Thailand.

Many greats from Thailand ERC Energy Management Committee ,such as the Thailand EPC Power Management Committee, the Southeast Asia Top PV owners BSP, the Europe Top Customers Greencells, NV Vogt, Japanese Professor Yoshihisa Murasawa presented at the meeting, they researched the operation and maintenance experience of Southeast Asia, Europe photovoltaic, and conduct in-depth communication on Global PV development and centralized and series based solution, to visit the 10MW power station and make in-depth understanding of the unique charm of HUAWEI smart PV once again.

Compared with the traditional PV power station project in the Japanese market, due to the lack of junction box, DC power distribution cabinet and other parts an at Huawei Smart PV solution, the installing cost of the DC power distribution cabinet and other components is lower, so the initial investment in power plants can reduce 5%, but the generating capacity can be increased by more than 5%, highly favored by the market.

  1. The stimulation FIT subsidy policy has led to the rapid rise of Japanese PV installation,so that Japan has become the world’s third largest photovoltaic market after China, Germany.
  2. Before 2030, the Japanese solar installation would increase as the annual growth rate of 5GW, to 2030, the cumulative installation of solar energy was expected to 100GW.

Customer reviews

Greencells: The impact of series inverter in the public utilities PV project is deepening gradually

The station which uses HUAWEI Smart PV solution has a high rate of return on investment, especially on the maintenance costs, it has a substantial decline. This is the best technology Greencells has seen in current. Good cost, good product and good operating rate, This is reason for us to make cooperation with HUAWEI.

Shanlu Energy Group: HUAWEI Smart PV Solutions increase power generation by 4.8%

HUAWEI Smart PV Solution is operation and maintenance of efficient, easy to operate. The use of the cloud center system to guide the field operation and maintenance work is which have effectively solved the non-clear field situation, non-timely processing and long period of problem-solving. The adoption of HUAWEI Smart PV Solution, the company’s power generation  has increased by 4.8%.

SUPER Energy: HUAWEI inverter withstand the sun baked with its measure

  1. The inverter quality is high, especially for Thailand’s high temperature and high humidity environment.
  2. String inverters significantly enhance power generation.

Singapore’s largest energy operator Sunseap signed a cooperation agreement 300MW with HUAWEI

Sunseap said, the reason why choose HUAWEI is because Sunseap has been having the pursuit of better products and technology, the two sides has full of confidence to make bright prospect of cooperation.

The visit to the power station

The visit process of the power station: Central control room—Leach test of inverter water—Heat inverter by high temperature—Inverter PID demonstration

1 Visit the power plant in the central control room: Get practical experience to feel the inverter as the core, supporting the monitoring equipment, communications equipment, Cloud Computing Center, and remote precision monitoring of the operation of PV components.2

2 Leach test of inverter water: It can be directly installed outdoor, no inverter room, less civil work; Separation of internal and external environment, protection grade IP65, waterproof, anti dust, anti salt fog; the full failure rate of is less than 0.3%, maintenance free.

3 Heat inverter by high temperature: Install high temperature heating device, rise the temperature to 60 degrees; Test inverter temperature with infrared temperature tester, verify the inverter natural radiation without external fan.

4Inverter PID demonstration: Feel that HUAWEI can protect the operation safety of power station equipment while suppressing the PID effect.

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