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HUDA launches Gurugram building plan for 2017

HUDA launches Gurugram building plan for 2017


The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has launched the building plan for 2017 for its sectors and calling it to be a participative process where the residents also provided their suggestions. The buildings will be allowed to cover more area, increase the height and their ground coverage and will not be under compulsion to build the boundary wall. In 2016, where the building along with the stilt parking could have only developed three floors, the new building plan now allows for setting up of four floors along with the stilt parking. In another major change, the Floor to Area ratio (FAR) has been increased. Further, there will be concession that will be provided to commercial, residential or industrial units if they set up either water recycling plant, solar plant or garbage recycling plant in its premises. For increasing the FAR, the residents will have to contact the officials of HUDA, while for other sectors the residents will have to contact the officials of Department and Town Planning (DTP).
In the residential sectors the height of the building has been allowed to increase from 12.5 metres to 15 metres. Taking cognisance of the challenges in parking, the new building plan also allows to not setting up a front wall boundary as was mandated earlier. Those units that have not developed stilt parking facilities will now be able to park the vehicles in the place of the boundary wall. Residents in HUDA sectors will now also be allowed to do developmental activities in the basement area for which prior permission will be required. In order to do developmental works, the basement will need to have fire fighting and ventilation facilities.
Under the new building plan initiated by the Haryana government, the standards set for the buildings will be same in all departments. . Lot of problems were faced by the residents due to different building plans for different departments. “As Gurugram grows in population planning and new changes will have to bring in to ensure that the citizens as well as the public officials deal with the new challenges. The new building plan is a step in that regard,” said a senior official from HUDA.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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