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IBC solar power calculator receives extensive upgrade

IBC solar power calculator receives extensive upgrade


IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy storage, is to release a new version of its solar power calculator with important features. In this upgrade, the selection of the rooftop is now also possible via satellite map view, which makes initial calculations significantly easier. Just in time for the Intersolar, the IBC solar power calculator will also be available as a white label edition for public utilities for the first time.

Within the newly-presented edition of the IBC solar power calculator, rooftops are able to be selected via satellite map view for the first time, and further planning can be continued based on the rooftop surface data. This way, users are able to interact with the rooftop surface, as the surface will be highlighted in a user-friendly way and modules will be able to be selected or – for example in the case of windows – deselected. Furthermore, the alignment of the surface in a precise angle can also be included in the performance calculation. Due to the more detailed calculation options, data regarding the performance and saving potentials of the systems are also becoming significantly more precise. The illustration of data has been improved, too, with data being presented in graphs with a detailed history.

White label edition for public utilities

Just in time for the Intersolar, IBC SOLAR will be presenting its solar power calculator in a white label edition especially for public utilities. This way, they have the opportunity to offer their own versions of the IBC solar power calculator, and integrate them within their own platforms in their chosen colours and logos. Own system packages can then, for example, be offered with a preselection of modules for a fixed price including the installation. Rental models can also be integrated within these versions. They are able to offer the consumer a clear presentation of the advantages of a photovoltaic system for their own rooftop.

Proven software tool

The planning of a photovoltaic system is crucial for successful implementation and for final installation. It is essential to consider the characteristics of each rooftop from the beginning, in order to be able to correctly evaluate the efficiency and saving potentials of the system. The IBC solar power calculator supports these calculations with a simple and user-friendly interface, and shows performance and power consumption calculations in a clear manner. Feed-in tariffs, the development of electricity costs and calculations of self-consumption – with and without storage battery – are all in put into consideration during the planning process. The software tool has proven its worth over the years, and has supported many system owners in the successful evaluation and planning.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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