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IEA brings together energy efficiency experts from across the globe

IEA brings together energy efficiency experts from across the globe


Inaugurated in 2015, the annual IEA Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Training event is the only one in the world dedicated to sharing experiences and promoting best practices for planning, implementing and evaluating energy efficiency policies in emerging economies. This year’s edition brought together over 100 participants from more than 40 emerging and developing countries, representing more than over half of the world’s total final energy consumption.

In opening the event, IEA Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol reiterated the importance of the world’s “first fuel” for managing rising energy demand in a more cost-effective, sustainable and secure manner. He also stated the IEA’s commitment to becoming a global voice on energy efficiency.

The participants – energy efficiency professionals with expertise across a variety of sectors – will spend 3 days following in-depth training on energy efficiency policies for different end-use sectors: buildings, industry, transport, or lighting, appliances and equipment. The courses will feature sessions on prioritisation, toolkits for successful programmes, and best resources for implementation, monitoring and modification. The first session on “The Global Opportunity for Energy Efficiency” began with high-level interventions by Ambassadors to the OECD from the Netherlands, Australia and Canada, as well as Brian Motherway, IEA Head of Energy Efficiency, Mark Radka, UNEP Head of Energy, Climate, and Technology and Nigel Jollands of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Site visits for each sector will provide participants the opportunity to see first-hand how energy efficiency measures are being implemented on the ground. The visits will include Bouygues Construction, Schneider Electric and Autolib.The final day will focus on the theme of “Making More Energy Efficiency Happen”, including sessions on policy evaluation from “Strategy Development Solutions” as well as interventions from the World Bank on the role of communication strategies in supporting energy efficiency goals.

Over the past six years, more than 2 000 people from around the world have taken part in IEA Energy Training and Capacity Building Programme events, all targeted at central government officials and key national stakeholders, such as governmental executive agencies and the private sector.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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