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‘India aims to generate 40% power from non-fossil fuel by 2030’

‘India aims to generate 40% power from non-fossil fuel by 2030’


‘India aims to generate 40% power from non-fossil fuel by 2030’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that by 2030, India aims to generate 40 per cent of its power requirement through non-fossil fuel-based resources.

“In India, we are seeing the effects of the greater use of Renewable Energy. To fulfill the targets of the Paris Agreement, We have started working on the action plan for the deployment of Renewable Energy. We have decided that by 2030, 40 per cent of our power capacity will be generated through non-fossil fuel-based resources,” he said while addressing the first assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

Emphasising on the growing significance of renewable energy resources being the need of the hour, Prime Minister Modi said “Since last 15-200 years, human civilisation has been more dependent on the underground resources for its energy need. We are all seeing as to how our nature protested against it and is still protesting. Nature has been regularly trying to convey to us that energy present above the earth, be it in the Sun, in the air, or in water, is the better and safer solutions for future. I am delighted that today, we are brainstorming over this message from nature.”

He also termed the ISA as a landmark initiative for ensuring climatic justice. “I strongly feel that in future whenever there will be a discussion about leading organisations of human welfare from the 21st century, International Solar Alliance (ISA) will be on the top of the list. In the form of ISA we have given shape to a very big platform in the direction of ensuring climate justice.”

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi opined that the role Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is playing today for the fulfillment of world energy needs, will, in future, be essayed by the ISA. “The significance that oil wells hold today would be of Sun-rays in coming times,” he added.

He further talked about India’s resolve to increase usage of renewable energy sources, and said, “Today India is developing with an added confidence of poverty to power. To further strengthen this new confidence, we have chosen something which has been a source of our since thousands of years and is a powerhouse of energy. This stock of energy is Sun whom we Indians also refer as the Sun God.”

Prime Minister Modi also asserted that while power generation remains an integral part of India’s approach, there is also a need to work on the power storage segment.

“Together with power generation, power storage is also significant. We are working on National Energy Storage Mission. As part of this mission, the government is stressing on the Demand Creation, Indigenous Manufacturing, Innovation and increased the capacity of Energy Storage”, he added.

He also informed the gathering about India’s effort towards encouraging a clean fuel-based transport system and said, “With solar and wind power we are also working rapidly on B3 or Biomass-Biofuel-Bioenergy. There are serious efforts being made to make Indian Transport System as clean fuel based. By producing Bio-fuel from Bio-waste, we are turning this challenge into an opportunity.”

The First Assembly of the ISA is being organised in Delhi from October 2 to 5. The inaugural session of this three-day assembly will be followed by assembly session and technical sessions.

Source: ANI
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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