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Ingeteam awarded “Storage Energy Technology of the Year” in EQ’s PV Invest Tech Solar Awards 2019

Ingeteam awarded “Storage Energy Technology of the Year” in EQ’s PV Invest Tech Solar Awards 2019


Ingeteam India received the award for “Solar Energy Storage Technology of the Year” at  EQ “PV INVEST TECH AWARDS 2019” held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Mumbai (India) this week packed with full of Renewable Energy industry peers

Mr. S.P.Singh Director, Ingeteam India commented “First of all we would like to thank EQ International & Mr. anand Gupta for organising such event & bestowing us with this award. Ingeteam has always pride itself in bringing the latest technologies in the field of renewable energies globally which not only meets the stringent grid requirements but also helps clients with latest technologies for trouble free operations.”  Ingeteam’ s 20+ years’ experience in power conditioning technology equipment (more than 52GW installed), together with in-depth knowledge in the field of protection and control, makes INGECON® SUN STORAGE solutions the best option for resolving problems associated with the grid stability and its functioning. The main operation modes achievable using Ingecon SUN STORAGE PCS and Energy Management System (EMS) are Active/Reactive Power Curtailment, Ramp Rate Control, Fast Frequency Regulation, Solar Power Reserve, Energy Time Shifting, P/Q Open Loop, Stand Alone Generation, Black Start Capability, Peak-Shaving, Power Factor Control, Automatic Voltage Regulation, Voltage Droop Control and Power Oscillations Damping. Ingeteam provides a global solution including power conversion Systems, battery integration, Power Plant Controller, SCADA, Commissioning and O&M

Storage Technology Portfolio

Ingeteam has two categories of Storage Bi-directional power conversion devices.

INGECON® SUN STORAGE PowerMax are Outdoor Power Conversion devices (PCS) rated upto 1.165 Mva in 100V DC & 1.8Mva in 1500V DC , designed to be connected as a plug and play interface between the batteries of different manufacturers and   grid. The INGECON® SUN STORAGE PowerMax features a highly advanced battery control technology, ensuring the maximum life of the storage system. The battery temperature can be controlled at all times ensuring an enhanced lifespan of the accumulator. INGECON® SUN STORAGE PCSs complies with all the demanding standards for applications linked with the grid. It is a shared technology platform, already validated in systems where Ingeteam has an important presence in the market (wind energy, PV, marine, steelmaking, oil and gas and mining)

Ingecon Sun Storage 1PLAY Hybrid Inverter makes it possible to connect a PV array and a battery bank to the same unit, thereby reducing the cost of the system as a whole. This is a 3 or 6kW single-phase transformer-less inverter, to address residential and commercial installations.

Project References

Ingeteam has accumulated capacity of more than 100MWh Storage Technology Projects installed and running.  Few flagship projects are the 9MWh Bardzour (Indian Ocean) Project implementing a Grid Stabilization strategy and 4MWh in 6 seconds for frequency regulation within a Diesel Generation Power Plant.

Recently Ingeteam was in news for supplying more than 3.85GW of PV converter in 2018 worldwide securing majority market share in Middle East, Latin America and Australia Market.

Source: ingeteam
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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