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Ingeteam starts assembling its first 4.92MWAC MV Power Stations

Ingeteam starts assembling its first 4.92MWAC MV Power Stations


Ingeteam has recently launched to the market its new INGECON SUN CON40 power station and has now started assembling the first units for different utilityscale projects. This 40-foot-long ISO container is able to reach an output power of 4.92 MWAC, as it features three 1,500 VDC central inverters, each one providing 1,640 kW. This new PV inverter series with a higher DC voltage is now in full production. The medium voltage solution IS CON40 has been conceived to maximise the compactness and cost-effectiveness of the overall equipment, as it is delivered fully equipped: three PV central inverters, medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage transformer (with reduced power losses) and auxiliary services panel.

Thanks to the use of outdoor PV inverters and its innovative design, all devices are readily accessible. The LV/MV transformer compartment and the PV inverters compartments are naturally air cooled, while the MV switchgear and auxiliary services panel are installed in an IP55 compartment, ensuring their maximum protection. Moreover, the power station can also be supplied with
high-speed Ethernet / Fibre Optic communication infrastructure to connect to the power plant controller, monitoring and/or SCADA systems, also supplied by Ingeteam.

The INGECON SUN CON40 has been specifically designed so that it can be marketed by sea freight anywhere in the world. The structure, that can withstand big loads, consists of a single block of welded steel, to ensure top resistance and durability over time. Furthermore, it is provided with all the internal wiring to facilitate an immediate plug-and-play installation on site. This power station series complies with the most demanding international grid codes, contributing to the quality and stability of the electric system with its lowvoltage ride-through capability, reactive power injection and active power control. To date, Ingeteam has supplied over 39GW to the wind and photovoltaic markets globally, proving itself to be one of the leading power converter manufacturers worldwide.

Ingeteam is a leading company specialising in the design of power and control electronics (frequency converters, process automation and control systems), electrical machines (generators and motors), electrical engineering and generating plants. To date, Ingeteam has supplied +39GW in power converters for renewable energy plants and is amongst the TOP 10 companies dedicated to the operation and maintenance services of renewable energy plants, with a portfolio of more than 7.2 GW. The company operates in all 5 continents, and has a headcount of more than 3,700 employees around the world. Ingeteam invests 7% of its annual turnover in R&D, which is the backbone of the company’s business activity.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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