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JA Solar Announces Large-Scale Production of Its 9BB Mono-Si PERC Half-Cut Modules

JA Solar Announces Large-Scale Production of Its 9BB Mono-Si PERC Half-Cut Modules


China’s JA Solar Holdings is presenting 15 high-efficiency module products that showcase state-of-the-art technologies at SNEC 2019. These innovative solutions include 9BB mono-Si half-cut PERC cells, MBB N-type bifacial cells in G2G encapsulation, N-type FRC cells, and shingled mono-Si PERC cells.

Combining various cell and module technologies to boost efficiency and output has emerged as a successful approach to meet the growing demand for high-efficiency products. JA Solar, which has long been a leading first-tier manufacturer, is again grabbing the attention of the global PV market with a module featuring large-size 9BB mono-Si PERC half-cut cells. The 9BB design effectively lowers the cell’s internal resistance, while the half-cut layout is highly adaptable to different environments. The large-size wafers on which the mono-Si PERC cells are based on also help increase generation. The result from the integration of these cutting-edge technologies is a module that can reach a maximum output of 405W owing to its advantages in efficiency, generation capacity, and temperature coefficient. This particular solution, which is now under large-scale production, could soon be deployed in major projects around the world. It is a great choice for those wanting to lower the cost of the entire generation system and attain grid parity for solar energy.

In an interview at SNEC, Dr. Niu Xinwei, executive president of JA Solar, said that his company is now aggressively promoting its 9BB mono-Si PERC half-cut and 9BB half-cut G2G bifacial modules. The latter product has been certified by quality assurance authorities Intertek Group PLC and TÜV SÜD. Besides its module offerings, JA Solar is also exhibiting numerous advanced technologies during SNEC, including MBB cells, N-type TOPCon cells, N-type FRC cells, IBC cells, and other cell shingling solutions. These technologies are either under development or in the conceptual phase.

Currently, the most popular wattage option in the module market is 375W. Based on a rough estimate, the amount of 375W modules needed to build a 50MW ground-mounted PV power plant is 133,300 pieces. The number goes down to 125,000 if the same power plant adopts JA Solar’s 9BB mono-Si PERC half-cut modules that can achieve 405W. The switch to 405W also translates to a 3.13% reduction in the area occupied by the plant, a 6.20% reduction in the installation cost, and a 4.81% reduction in the BOS cost (covering all components except the modules). These improvements in turn lead to a lower levelized cost of generation and a higher rate of return per system for the entire project. Hence, advanced technologies such as those presented by JA Solar at SNEC can bring significant benefits to both manufacturers and their downstream clients.

Source: energytrend
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