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Jetion Solar Releases New Jeniüs Pro Max Series PV Modules

Jetion Solar Releases New Jeniüs Pro Max Series PV Modules


Recently , the world’s leading professional photovoltaic manufacturer CNBM Junxin Technology Co., Ltd. officially announced the launch of its self-developed new Jeniüs Pro Max series monocrystalline modules

Jeniüs Pro Max series single crystal component is in the building materials Jun Xin developed Jeniüs efficient series of third generation products, in the continuation of circular ribbon MBB binding technology and design of the two fragments, Ga-doped mounted on a large-sized wafer M10 The high-efficiency P-type PERC battery with selective emission stage , while optimizing the module layout, effectively increasing the optical gain, reducing the electrical loss and the risk of hot spots , with excellent electrical performance and reliability, helping the product to have a better performance at the power station The power generation capacity and product efficiency are maximized, allowing customers to obtain a return on investment in the shortest time.

The Jeniü s Pro Max monocrystalline module series unveiled this time is divided into four diversified versions: 108/120/132/144, which are customized according to different photovoltaic application scenarios by the CNBM Junxin team after many market research and technical tests . Diversified products launched following the trend based on customer needs.

Among them, 108 and 144 are our company’s key versions. The 144 version of JT SGh has a module size of 2279×1135×35 mm, a weight of 29kg, a maximum power of 545W, and a maximum efficiency of 21.1%. It is oriented towards super-large ground power stations and reduces BOS costs. Provides the optimal cost per kilowatt-hour ; The 108- version JT SEh module size is 1724×1135×35 mm, weight is 22kg, maximum power is 410W, maximum efficiency is 20.9%, for household and industrial and commercial rooftop power stations, easy to install, compact and powerful Application, opening up a new era of distributed components 400W+ high power. It is worth mentioning that the Jeniüs Pro Max single crystal module series can also provide all-black products according to customer requirements, and achieve a win-win situation with a humanized design.

“Jeniüs” means “genius”, and genius does not happen overnight. Photovoltaic has undergone industry fluctuations in the past 20 years, with 17 years of accumulated technology and experience, word of mouth, and continuous technological upgrades, seeking new market entry points, and leading CNBM Junxin to the present. At present, CNBM Junxin has a global module production capacity of 2.5GW, and has 5 manufacturing plants in China and Thailand. CNBM Junxin solar products with a cumulative total of more than 10GW have been widely used in 58 countries and regions. CNBM Junxin provides high-quality products and professional services to global customers.

About CNBM Junxin

CNBM Junxin is the flagship company in the new energy sector of the world’s top 500-China National Building Material Group. CNBM Junxin relies on its strong group resource integration advantages and is committed to providing customers with complete and efficient photovoltaic products and one-stop system solutions. At present, CNBM Junxin focuses on the R&D, production and sales of high-efficiency cells and differentiated components. Its products are widely used in residential, commercial and ground-based photovoltaic power generation systems at home and abroad. It is a company integrating photovoltaic manufacturing, global EPC general contracting, A world-renowned photovoltaic company integrating project financing and other businesses, ranked among the “first-line” of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)Photovoltaic module companies. Up to now, CNBM Junxin has a cell capacity of 2GW, a module capacity of 2.5GW and 1GW.Annual investment and construction capacity of photovoltaic power generation system.

Source: jetionsolar
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network