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JinkoSolar Appointed Co-chair of the B20 ECRE Taskforce

JinkoSolar Appointed Co-chair of the B20 ECRE Taskforce


JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd.  a global leader in the photovoltaic industry,recetly announced that it was appointed as one of the six co-chairs for the Business 20 (B20) Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency taskforce, under the leadership of the Germany G20 Presidency. This is the second consecutive year that JinkoSolar, the only Chinese enterprise and solar PV Company, participated in the B20 process. The selected Co-Chairs are leaders of well-known global enterprises and G20 members, and are vital contributors to the taskforce.It is also the first time the Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency (ECRE) taskforce accepted JinkoSolar’s recommendation to include solar PV renewable energy as a key topic of discussion at B20 in Germany next year.

 “We are honored to participate as co-chair of the B20’s ECRE Taskforce. The taskforce supports G20’s goals by obtaining the appropriate financing, carbon market mechanism and policy that is needed to support global investment flows. More specifically, the world’s infrastructure and clean energy requirements,” said Mr. Xiande Li, Chairman of JinkoSolar, “This is the first time the B20 ECRE Taskforce selected a solar PV company as a Co-Chair. This indicates a common objective of G20 members to lead the world’s economy towards a more sustainable path. In order to alleviate the current economic challenges, green energy infrastructure reform is the key. Solar power is now undercutting coal fired electricity in lots of regions; we need to focus on ways to seek investment to support the huge demand for clean energy finance, and the transition to a low-carbon society, “he added.

When discussing  the Chinese solar industry, Mr Li states “China has the ability to manage the transition from an export-led manufacturing economy to a consumption-based, energy services economy, executing its strategy with great technical and business model innovation. Chinese clean energy companies such as JinkoSolar have grown rapidly in recent years, playing a critical role in accelerating grid-parity and delivering strong productive gains across more and more countries. They are not only meeting consumer needs of today, they are building scale for the future.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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