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Jinkosolar in SNEC 2021: New Product Introduction Round-Up

Jinkosolar in SNEC 2021: New Product Introduction Round-Up


Despite the new outbreak of COVID-19, SNEC Shanghai 2021 received the record high visitors and SNEC has become one of the most ‘international’ solar trade shows on the event calendar.

As a result, new products launched at this show predominantly reflect trends and developments across multiple markets.

First 415Watt panel dedicated for residential market.

On the three days of the exhibition, leading solar PV company Jinkosolar has unveiled several new products standing-out for attention. Tiger Pro 415W is its first 400+ watt solar panel designed for residential market.

In order to provide an insight into the Tiger Pro 415, Jinkosolar plans to produce an in-depth new product review to detail many of the key and unique features of the system after SNEC.

Anticipating next wave of TOPCon

At the utility-scale level, Jinkosolar’s showcased N type TOPCon solar panel based on 182” cell achieves a power output of up to 625watt peak (Wp), with 22.86% module efficiency, setting a new world record in the class of its size.

It is obvious that Jinkosolar Is readying for the next wave of cell line upgrades. Its latest efficiency record of 25.25% is based on N type TOPCon.

TOPCon refers to a PERC cell architecture, which passivates the cell contacts – Tunnel-Oxide Passivated Contacts, hence the name.Jinkosolar’s PERC capacity could reach 37 GW by the end of this year, plus or minus 1 GW depending on TOPCon which is an upgrade of this existing capacity to the next efficiency level of up to 24.5%.

Two options available for bifacial

Jinkosolar’s SWAN high efficiency, half-cut, monocrystalline bifacial module at SNEC has a 555 Watt power rating, a 30-year lifespan and is available in transparent backsheet or dual glass bifacial options.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network