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KACO new energy accelerates the energy turnaround in Thailand.

KACO new energy accelerates the energy turnaround in Thailand.


The German photovoltaic specialist has joined forces with other companies in the industry as part of a new initiative. The “Powerful Blueplanet” alliance is aiming to further the development of the solar energy business in Thailand. The launch event took place in Bangkok at the end of September.

Going by the name of “Powerful Blueplanet”, the new initiative joins KACO new energy GmbH with companies with various fields of expertise to serve the Thai market. The group is pursuing the aim of making better use of the huge photovoltaic potential that the South East Asian country has to offer and making it available to a larger target market. With this in mind, the group is targeting both private and commercial customers as well as operators of utility-scale plants.

“Interested parties can count on the participating companies to provide comprehensive advice, reliable components and to implement projects accurately, thus growing the level of trust in and acceptance of photovoltaic solutions,” says David Mabille, Chief Sales Officer at KACO new energy, with regard to the initiative’s approach. “We also want to take advantage of the breadth of expertise the companies possess in order to develop new, tailor-made solutions for the Thai market in the future”, he adds.

The leading companies behind “Powerful Blueplanet” are PEA ENCOM International and Fah Chai Engineering, both established companies in the Thai sustainable energy industry: PEA ENCOM is a large investor in renewable energy generation and a subsidiary of PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority), the sole state-owned power supply company for the rural areas of the kingdom; Fah Chai Engineering has been implementing turnkey projects and providing EPC services for renewable energy projects since 2001. Other founding members are the Australian-Chinese manufacturer of substructures, Clenergy, and the Korean solar cell and module manufacturer, Hanwha Q-Cells. The group commenced work on 21 September at a joint event in Bangkok.

Taking part in the initiative reflects the growing importance of Thailand as a key element in the internationalisation of KACO new energy. Fah Chai has been the inverter manufacturer’s official representative for products and services since May 2015. “We have excellent foundations to build on. The geographic location, the increasing demand for energy and the political support in terms of the willingness to provide lines of credit and tax breaks will further the development of our trade greatly. We expect the solar energy industry to grow by 20 percent on an annual basis,” says Mr Chotthiwath Chirapatputthitana, Managing Director of Fah Chai.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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